Harpoon ships and Capt. Marciano scored on Wicked Tuna

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The Wicked Tuna leaderboard changed in the episode entitled "Go Fish". Dave Marciano scored big, Dave Carraro needed help and Tyler learned a lesson.

Part of Wicked Tuna's charm is that the Nat Geo Channel show chronicles the tradition of tuna fishermen that use the rod and reel to catch tuna.

Last night during "Go Fish", it was defended vigorously against the growing success of those that use aircraft for sighting and harpoons to nab the tuna.

The Gloucester-based fishing crews that star in Nat Geo's Wicked Tuna each have their own reasons for sticking with the tried and true method.

The wily veterans also understand the folly of burning thousands of dollars in fuel to search for tuna outside their home waters.

That was a hard lesson learned by the upstart twenty-somethings on Tyler McLaughlin's Pin Wheel vessel.

Flush with having scored the biggest payday in week one, Tyler took a chance and went out almost 200 miles into the ocean to hit up the Georges Bank area. Read: Tyler scores big in week one.

It didn't pay off. The Pin Wheel crew had to stay up through the night to catch their one fish and it barely left them pocket money after all was said and done.

The local waters were mighty busy and it was noted by Capt. Dave Carraro of the F-V Tuna.com.

Annoying as it is, Carraro is comfortable sticking close to home. After all, he was season one's big winner and it's been his livelihood for years.

Nonetheless, he needed to resort to rehiring Pete Hebert after losing a fish due to lack of manpower. The upbeat and talkative Hebert changed the mood and the success rate of the Tuna.com

Capt. Dave Marciano of the Hard Merchandise also got a bit aggravated with how many vessels he had to compete with.

"It seems like every yo-yo and his brother with a tuna rod is out here today."

Then he got to talking about what really annoys him.

"Then you got those damn spotter planes out there for the harpoon boats. We're just gonna have to stay focused and get our fish the old fashioned way: one at a time, with a rod and reel."

Viewers got to spend some time with the harpoon boat Christina. They have a spotter pilot radio the location of tuna to the men on the vessel

There are two men standing atop scaffolding to get instructions from the plane and spot their prey, and the man with the harpoon strapped into a crane-like structure that sticks out from the ship's bow.. Link to video of the harpoon operation posted below.

The Christina caught two fish in one hour and ended its day early, with almost $10,000 in the fishermen's pockets.

This week's leaderboard was a changed one. After two weeks:

Tyler and the Pin Wheel crew are still at the top, but it cost them almost as much as they made.

Dave Marciano charged into second place with a big showing.

Dave Carraro and the F-V Tuna.com came up short and sank to third place.

Check out the leaderboard and vote for your favorite crew at the show's website, here. Click here to watch the Christina crew in action with their harpoons.

Nat Geo Channel airs new episodes of Wicked Tuna each Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. ET. Image: Nat Geo Channel/Wicked Tuna

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