Homeland, ambush in Gettysburg ups the stakes

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Homeland delivered another shocker in the Showtime program's latest episode, "A Gettysburg Address", as an ambush at the deceased bomb maker's shop sent a message from Roya and Team Nazir.

Just when we thought that Homeland was moving into a more psychological warfare phase with Congressman Brody beginning a dangerous game of counter-espionage, we got what looks like the weekly game changer.

Carrie and Brody

For most of the episode, Carrie was focused on how to work with Brody now that he had agreed to switch sides.

Saul and Quinn, the team leader for the investigation into the Brody-Nazir connection, had varying degrees of concern about Carrie.

Quinn's point was clear. Don't trust Brody, he emphasized to her.

Carrie's reactions each time she heard him say it were a bit perplexing. Did she merely bristle at his reminders because she hates being told what to do, or is it more than that?

Carrie's resentment of Quinn's reminders go deeper than that.

She was the only one crying out in the wilderness about her belief that Brody was no hero. Now she sounds like she wantsa ticker tape parade for that, not a caution flag.

To her it means that her delicate mental state continues to make her seem untrustworthy. Then there's the fact that she still has feelings for Brody.

In a very tender scene between Saul and Carrie, we learned that the former disgraced agent claims that she can compartmentalize the personal side of her as she works with Brody to prevent another attack on the U.S. Watch video of Carrie and Saul dissecting her objectivity.

Her reason for insisting that she'll be able to handle the closeness with her former lover is his admission to being the terrorist sympathizer she always believed he was.

Make sense? Not really because as the story unfolded last night and Carrie met up with Brody to work with him, lines got blurred.

It was Brody who called her on it, being blunt about how she physically touches him in a tender manner when getting resistance to an instruction.

Carrie has not lost her espionage touch

Surveillance of Roya Hammad turned up a new face that even Brody couldn't identify. This is when we were reminded that Carrie Mathison has not lost the killer instinct for knowing when something big is about to happen.

While watching the surveillance footage of Roya and the new man, then Brody's short conversation with Roya she railed at the lack of audio quality and worried that what the team isn't hearing could be the key to the info they are seeking. Carrie insisted that something was imminent.

When Quinn sent the forensic team into the tailor/bombmaker's Gettysburg shop, he expected to comb through paper records and search the contents.

Carrie insisted that something bigger was lurking and it ain't in the paperwork. Reinforcements are ordered by Quinn when he takes Carrie seriously, having seen how she has a nose for the big get.

As he is tapping a wall that looks patched up, a swat team dressed as if it could be U.S. commandos stormed the shop and gunned everyone down, before making off with a steel trunk unearthed from the very wall Quinn was suspicious about.

The mystery man with Roya was the leader of the mission.

Quinn is not killed and we are to assume he was able to manage a phone call to alert his team that they had been ambushed.

When Carrie learned about it she confronted Brody by busting into his Congressional office. She believes he communicated something to Roya that led to the attack, despite hearing nothing on the surveillance video.

Returning to the impulsive and emotionally high-strung Carrie persona she accused him of deceiving her, once again blurring the lines between her as a representative of the CIA and Carrie the woman who loves him.

After screaming herself into exhaustion she fell into his arms and sobs. Compartmentalizing her Brody feelings will not work.

Showtime airs new episodes of Homeland each Sunday night at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT with replays throughout the week. Image: Wikimedia Commons

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