Homeland, the case for Brody surviving 'til next season

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With the season finale up next on Showtime's Homeland, it's time to ponder who will or should return as a character in the show. Saul, Brody, Estes and Quinn come to mind.

Homeland has demonstrated that it need not follow dramatic TV series conventions with regard to story arcs.

While it has slipped into more typical fictional storytelling with the chase for Abu Nazir and agent Carrie Mathison surviving two face-to-face encounters, viewers have been trained to wonder about or expect the unexpected.

Quinn was tasked with exterminating Congressman Nicholas Brody as quickly as possible, but will the black ops assassin pull the trigger if Brody is always in the presence of Carrie?

One would presume she would go the route of the now disgraced and terminated Saul Berenson if a sniper took him out with her standing by.

But, is it necessary for Brody to die at this point? Estes is eliminating Saul who knows of the plot, but neither Brody nor Carrie do. Will that save them?

If it does, what could they possibly hope for in a future for them as a couple?

Brody was told he must resign as a Congressman as part of his deal to avoid prosecution, but with his public reputation intact, modern Washington, D.C. politics has shown us that corporations and lobbying firms will clamor for his presence.

How does Carrie go on after this and stay with the Agency?

While her out of control methods have once again emerged in her unnecessary and unsuccessful attempts at interrogating Roya Hammad, she was praised by Estes for being responsible for Nazir's capture.

It's maddening to Estes that Carrie's unorthodox and insubordinate methods handed him the biggest pubic relations day in a long time. Nonetheless, he's got a dossier on her that could find her following Saul out the door if necessary.

Once Brody and Jessica called it a day in scene played out in their driveway --- and what a scene it was --- the twisted man left in the body of former Sgt. Brody admitted how broken he is. He attempted to spill his Nazir connection but Jess smartly declined to know more.

The only person who knows what he's done and was willing to do is Carrie, and Nazir's death made him realize he had no ability to pretend any longer.

His children, wife and a security agent witnessed him break down after hearing of his Muslim mentor's passing. They could not fathom why he wasn't jumping for joy.

For them it meant they could return home, to their lives and sort out their family situation.

Brody had it all sorted out already. Carrie is his home now. His obligations to Nazir are over, his mission to help kill V.P. Walden complete and Roya Hammad in captivity means he's free of obligations.

Carrie's years-long mission has also ended in Nazir's death. Scenes from next week's season finale showed us that she is pressured to let Brody go. Choosing her twisted love affair over her career that defines her as a person might seem tempting.

Which way do you think the couple will go? Can we hope that Brody survives to live a different life next season?

Showtime will air the season two finale next Sunday at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT with replays of previous episodes throughout the week. Image: Showtime/Homeland

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