Homeland finale, Carrie picks Brody over her country

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The Homeland creative team returned the plot to its roots with Brody's intentions questioned after the ultimate revenge attack leveled the CIA building

It turns out that agent Carrie Mathison can't foresee and sniff out all terrorist plans emanating from the mind and following of Abu Nazir.

The Homeland season finale left us with Brody alive, on the run and fingered publicly for the bomb blast that left more than 200 dead at the CIA tribute to V.P. Walden.

Someone, and this will be the biggest guessing game, dragged out the video footage of Brody meant to play after the aborted bombing that concluded season one.

That same someone loaded Brody's SUV with explosives and parked it in front of the CIA building as Walden's family and the agency's top brass that included Estes were blown to smithereens.

Carrie and Brody would have been among them had she not given him the signal to exit the proceedings.

Off they went to an office across the parking lot where she told him she was leaving her profession to make a life with him. She was ready to leave her passion and career in the dust .Then boom!

Carrie wore her agent hat first, believing that Brody had fooled her and everyone by carrying out Nazir's wish to have revenge on Walden and the CIA.

She recalled her talk with Saul in which he warned her that, "He's a man who put on a suicide vest Carrie. That's who he is and who he always will be."

Brody's desperate pleas to have her believe in his innocence worked.

Of course they did. She had to believe he was innocent since she had just pledged to leave her life behind for him. She immediately switched to protector when she realized that he would be fingered for the deed.

She broke every rule and law she knows of to spirit him to the Canadian border, saying a tearful goodbye to what might have been.

By doing so she put her country second to her love affair, a first for Agent Mathison. Once again Saul nailed it when he told her, "You're the smartest and the dumbest f----ing person I have ever known."

Carrie returned to an unknown fate. How will she explain why she and Brody were out of the room prior to its destruction? We never saw her have to undergo debriefing after her escape from Nazir, will we asked to suspend belief once again when season three commences?

Saul avoided death by being charged with overseeing Nazir's burial at sea, rather than joining the gathering at Walden's tribute.

He was put in charge in Estes' absence and in a dramatic and emotional scene, he stood among the recovered bodies whispering Hebrew prayers.

It brings one good thing back to Saul. His wife called to find out if he survived and pledged to move back to the U.S.

He believed Carrie was dead, despite her body not being among those found and when she appeared at the end of the show, Saul's relief and smile say it all.

Except it isn't all --- because Saul will trip into CIA agent mode after his relief. Carrie will be suspected of complicity in the attack or at the very least, harboring a terrorist.

And just where the heck did Quinn go?

After reneging on his assassination assignment out of affection for Carrie and a feeling of fairness to Brody, he turned on Estes.

Believable? Not really but it is all we have to work from.

With Roya and compatriots in custody, who was left to cleverly plant the explosives, leak the Brody video and murder more than 200 people at the CIA?

It's going to be a long off-season

Catch the episode if you missed it as Showtime replays its season finale. Check the show's Facebook page and website for details. Image: Showtime/Homeland

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