Homeland: hit and run is a felony, Brody and Jessica clueless

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In "The Clearing", Showtime's Homeland touched on the rekindled attraction of Carrie and Brody, but it was the growing story of the hit and run accident that caused the most head scratching.

Homeland gave Carrie a new identity in last night's episode. She is the messenger of doom, delivering news like a Don Corleone agent: offers people can't refuse.

She got to Mike Faber and gave him the stern talking to he needed to butt out of the Tom Walker investigation.

Mathison hit up Faber with the only thing that would shut him up.

His relationship with Jessica and the plans to move in together that got shattered are known to the CIA, from their illegal wiretapping of Brody's house. Faber's stunned expression was enough to make you understand he won't be meddling in the family business for a while.

When Brody was ready to turn his daughter into the police to report the fatal hit and run accident, Carrie warned that he would blow his plea deal if he goes one step further.

On the side, she's also taking any opportunity to see her beloved whenever possible. The episode's title is taken from the place in the woods she stood, outside the campaign donor gathering.to tempt him.

She is more twisted than he. While they both fall into a passionate kiss and embrace, acknowledging the high they get, Brody is suspicious of her motives. It's not like he has no reason to be, right?

In the relationship story between the Veep's son Finn and Brody's daughter Dana the unbelievable factor has ramped up way past any story of terrorism or spy activity.

Finn insisted they flee to keep the story from touching the political fortunes of their respective fathers, while not mentioning the word "jail".

Turns out he was trained well by his parents, who after learning of the tragedy want to make it go away.

Dana was not happy enough that she blurted the story out to the parents. She believed her mom and dad, untainted by the horrible political world she is learning to hate, would do the right thing and report it to the police.

She was right, they were prepared to do that, despite the Veep telling Brody to shut up. That's when Carrie delivered the chilling message to him.

At that moment Brody turned on Carrie and demonstrated that he is more than chafing under the requirements of the entire double-agent assignment.

Here's the thing though. No one has mentioned the fact that what Finn did is a crime. It's a felony. Someone died after being struck by his vehicle and he left the scene.

He could be charged as an adult, depending on the state's laws and without any plea deal it could be vehicular manslaughter that gets slapped on him. Dana was complicit in leaving the scene and would be subject to legal punishment as well.

When Brody is calmly walking his daughter towards the police station, they are acting like it's a school rules violation and they are self-reporting to the principal.

It's ludicrous to think Brody would be doing anything of the sort without advice. At least Jessica, the more practical one in the couple told the Veep's wife they needed lawyers.

After the political scandals of the past few decades we learned one thing for sure: the coverup is always worse than the crime.

The writers must have big plans for this part of the story. They wouldn't be taking so much time on it if they didn't. What do you think of how Homeland handled this story?

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