Homeland's Abu Nazir, in Hollywood on TMZ (VIDEO)

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The actor who portrays the high value target Abu Nazir on Showtime's Homeland faced the TMZ cameras on Monday night in Los Angeles, and wait until you hear what he said.

On Homeland, Abu Nazir is the terrorist target of the CIA, wanted in connection with attempting to take the life of the Vice President.

He's difficult to find and pin down but the man who plays him on the series, Navid Negahban isn't as slippery and mysterious.

Found on the streets of Hollywood, the actor posed with fans for photos, as he smiled and answered a critical question posed by the intrepid TMZ celeb reporter.

"How does it feel to play a terrorist," he was asked.

Negahban said: "It depends on how you look at it. Sometimes terrorisst in other countries are the heroes."

Has he ever heard the story of Bill Maher? He was vilified after 9/11 when he had a talk show discussion with a guest and the topic got around to whether the terrorists were cowards.

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President George Bush had labeled them cowards for flying airplanes into buildings and killing thousands on that day in 2001.

Maher and his guest talked over whether it takes more courage to commit that heinous act than to use rockets or bombs that land on the targets killing everyone in their wake.

It would be interesting to know if he understood the sensitivity of some in the United States to jokes that include the word terrorist.

On Homeland, the Nazir character came close to being assassinated earlier this season, thanks to an old contact of Carrie's on the ground in Beirut.

We haven't seen as much of Abu Nazir this season as we did in Homeland's award-winning debut season one.

The character was the mastermind who turned POW Sgt. Nicholas Brody into a traitor. After years of torture Nazir took him in and helped him regain his physical health, while twisting his mind.

Brody studied the Koran and got attached to Nazir's son Issa who was killed in a bombing of a school, either a mistake or collateral damage from an attack ordered by the U.S. government.

Nazir got Brody to wear a suicide vest once back in the country to return the favor, by taking out many top officials including Vice President Walden.

As we know, Brody didn't execute the plan but is involved in helping Nazir try again.

Image: Homeland/Wikipedia Showtime airs new episodes of Homeland each Sunday night at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT

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