Honey Boo Boo season finale, family trumps pageants any day

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Here Comes Honey Boo Boo's first season concluded on Wednesday night with Alana failing to win a pageant title but willing to give it all up to see new baby Kaitlyn come into the world.

The family at the center of TLC's breakout hit Here Comes Honey Boo Boo set their priorities straight in the season finale.

Oldest daughter Anna went into labor and gave birth to little Kaitlyn. She weighed six pounds, two ounces and was born with a deformity. She has an extra thumb on her right hand and was declared "special" by matriarch June.

Things like that are put into perspective by June and Mike "Sugar Bear". The physical oddity was minimized in discussion, even teased. She fits right into the family.

The decision to keep the family intact to attend to big sis and her first child, while forgoing the pageant was not only easy but required no discussion. A couple months of preparation were cast aside.

Unlike what you'd expect from a seven year-old, Alana "Honey Boo Boo" didn't utter a peep. The little girl was beside herself that she couldn't get into the hospital to see her niece, hold and touch her.

When Kaitlyn was brought home to the family homestead in McIntyre, Georgia Alana and sister Jessica had decorated in advance. Alana was literally bouncing on the furniture in anticipation.

"She's so cute and wrinkly I'm glad she came home. I finally got to touch and meet her and love her," Boo Boo squealed.

As if to reward Alana's willingness to sacrifice, June found a different pageant coming in a a few days and guess who was arriving just in time to help out? Uncle Lee, Mike's younger brother showed up.

Lee, 30 is out as gay and the fact of his homosexuality is discussed by the family in a way that doesn't bother him. "Poodle" is the nickname he is given by Alana, which according to her family is what she calls all gay people.

Uncle Poodle has "sass" says June and he tried to settle Alana down for the task at hand. It didn't work. She was too wound up to practice her routines.

Boo Boo was unable to dazzle the judges at the Miss Sparkle and Shine contest, despite her blue-sparkly swimsuit and pink fancy dress.

Alana did win the consolation prize and was named People's Choice. The family surprised her with a moment with the pet pig they had to take out of the family home.

All in all June summed up the summer as a good one. She praised Anna's mothering skills with baby Kaitlyn and reviewed all the family's fun activities.

What was most important was that they are healthy, happy and together. Image: TLC


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