Honey Boo Boo updates, charity drives and TV filming

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Alana Thompson and family have been busy beavers since the reality show ended filming its first season. Their Facebook page keeps fans updated on what's current and what's up in the near future.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, launched Alana Thompson and her family into the national spotlight.

Some folks think it was the worst thing to happen to television and U.S. society in general and yet, the family's recent TV and personal appearances have taken some of those detractors by surprise.

In an appearance on TMZ Live, Alana and Mom June Shannon charmed those on the set with their honesty and lack of guile. Watch a clip of that, here.

Jaded host and show exec Harvey Levin got convinced that while June is happy to bring some extra money into her family's coffers, it hasn't gone to big cars, a new house or other bling.

Shannon has consistently answered questions about how long the reality show will air, by saying that when Alana is tired of doing it, they'll close it all up.

Anyone who has sen the show doubts she'll EVER tire of being a camera-ready little girl, but then again...

June told Levin, the money earned has gone into trust funds for all the kids. She reiterated that during the late night show appearance with Jimmy Kimmel.

Even before the interview, Kimmel introduced June and the Boo Boo Child as people who represent old fashioned American values. Watch that here.

Their local Georgia appearances at retail store were all to support charities including an anti-gay bulling cause as well as October's largest effort, the fight against breast cancer.

T-shirts were sold out each place they stopped and June proudly announced that thousands had been raised in less than two weeks.

The latest:

TV show filming: Momma June posted on the Alana Thompson Facebook page: " We started Wed. filming for (3) hr long Holiday Specials which will air in Jan. & Season 2 will air some time after that (premiere date TBA). "

By the way, for those that wonder who manages and posts on Alana's page, June set the record straight.

"There have been questions of who runs this page.. this page is run by 2 ppl only and that's Mama June & Family Friend Bobbie. We have alot of great fans that can answer some of the frequently asked questions when aren't available and we do
appreciate that but just so everyone knows Mama June and Bobbie are the ONLY 2 who run this page! We (the family) share Alana's fan page b/c there's no way we could run 5-6 fan pages, so we like all our fans in 1 place! :) "

Fan mail being answered

The Boo Boo Child and siblings love their fan mail sent via the good old U.S. Postal Service and they want to show love to those that take the time to write, send contributions for the various charities, etc.

Photos are posted with each thank you. It's not only Alana sending photo thanks. Sometimes her niece Kaitlyn appears in the photos as do her sisters.

For some reason June thought the individual thank you notes with accompanying pictures might be too much for the Facebook timeline and apologized to those that thought so.

Instead of apologizing, June might just have said that while the family doesn't always observe the most mannerly ways among themselves, when it comes to their public persona however, they observe the rules of etiquette.

Thank you notes are good things to teach kids that gifts require gracious responses. Check out the string of them on the family's Facebook page, here.

Latest TV appearance on Dr. Drew Pinsky's show demonstrated that even Alana can get her fill of behaving while on TV talk shows. She pretended to fall asleep on Dr. Drew's program and got a bit squirrely with Momma June when she was asked to behave.

The whirlwind TV tour and 10-15 minutes segments on live television took their toll on the Boo Boo Child. Image: TLC, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

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