Hot Pockets upgrade, good idea?

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Will Hot Pockets fans still love their guilty pleasure when real honest-to-goodness meat is stuffed inside? It's not a landslide.

Hot Pockets are "Newer, Better, Hotter" proclaims a newly released promo/commercial for the 30 year-old staple of snack food heaven.

The brand new Hot Pockets are being touted by parent company Nestle for what they contain, not just how they taste.

Ad Age reported yesterday that an upgrade is wide ranging.

" the Nestle-owned brand turns 30, it's taking on the criticism with a major makeover and campaign touting better ingredients such as 100% angus beef, hickory ham, white-meat chicken and new crusts with baked-in flavors like garlic butter."

Hot Pocket fans never thought about the dough as "crusts" but hey, if you're going highfalutin' you might as well go all the way.

A new pitchman has been chosen, one who is well known to America via his Food Network appearances. It is Jeff Mauro in the new commercial posted below.

When did you envision Hot Pockets endorsed by someone who qualifies as a chef. Granted a celebrity chef, but along with the word "crusts" it seems that "chef" is now not really out of place.

Here's what else you get if you go to Hot Pockets Facebook page to watch the commercial. You can print out a coupon on a "buy two, get one free" promotion.

But wait, there's more as infomercials like to say. There is a money back guarantee that you will love the new Hot Pockets.

Of course there is the usual mumbo-jumbo about having to save your grocery store receipt and the UPC code from the box, but there is that possibility.

As for the taste, well Jeff Mauro's demonstration is accompanied by news that only 60% of those who tasted the Pepperoni Pizza version like it better.

That's it, just 3 out of 5 folks who tried them. Apparently that is something to crow about.

Don't inquire too much into whether they are better for you, less fattening, lower in fat or anything of the sort.

The nutritional facts on the packaging reveal that there is not a lot of difference, except as Ad Age points out, to the cholesterol grams. They are lower.

When they say "Newer, Better, Hotter", they aren't talking healthy, but that isn't why we eat them. Who's with me?

Image: Hot Pockets Original Pepperoni Pizza, care of the product's website