Hotel Impossible and Anthony Melchiorri ready for season 2

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Travel Channel is bringing Hotel Impossible back for a second season and it debuts December 3. Get ready for more of Anthony Melchiorri saying what he wants to troubled hotel owners, no matter how it sounds

The man who changes the fortunes of hotels is back for another season of tough love. Travel Channel announced it via a press release.

Thirteen hotels are on deck for Melchiorri's patented process of sizing up the problem, firing employees who must go, re-designing lobbies, rooms and even renaming the place if necessary.

While he is the master of all, he has help and plenty of it. Hotel Impossible features makeovers that are executed in less than a week, sometimes in the span of 72 hours.

Designers such Blanche Garcia, Casey Noble and Alison Victoria work to physically transform each troubled hotel and they perform miracles.

The first show of season 2 takes Melchiorri and gang to Puerto Rico.

The most difficult part of the makeover occurs when Melchiorri realizes that a family member or longtime associate of the owner is a major reason the hotel is failing.

That is part of how he restores Caribe Playa Beach Resort, an establishment on the edge of the sandy beaches in Puerto Rico. It has failed to turn a profit since 2006.

The family member happens to be the wife of the owner. Nothing is trickier, although last season the Hotel Fixer fired someone's mother. Talk about Freudian...

George Engle, owner of the Caribe Playa resort had to be told that without ousting his wife Francis from her position as general manager, Melchiorri could not help him.

Once that was out of the way, the front desk area had to be blown up and re-configured, while the guest rooms needed a re-design.

From the press release: "Upcoming episodes feature major transformations including: Bromley Sun Lodge, Peru, Vermont; Delaware Water Gap Country Club & Inn, Delaware Water Gap, Penn.; Glacier Bay Lodge, Yakutat, Alaska; The Hotel Leger, Mokelumne Hill, Calif.; Maui Sunseeker Resort, Maui, Hawaii; Palm Springs Travelodge, Palm Springs, Calif.; Periwinkle Inn, Cape May, N.J.; Telemark Resort & Convention Center, Cable, Wis.; Triangle T Historic Ranch, Dragoon, Ariz.; and more.

All the fun starts on Monday night December 3 at 10:00 p.m. ET. Image: Courtesy of Travel Channel, Anthony Melchiorre


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Very happy to see this. Have written it in my calendar. Love Anthony and the show even though at times the repetition got boring. Loved when Anthony fired the mom last season. Also love that they give updates at the end of the episode, even if things went poorly.

about the updates. It's a shake your head moment when it all falls apart after he's been there. He is a force of nature.

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