Hotel Impossible: Melchiorri takes a dive at the Periwinkle Inn

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The latest Hotel Impossible on Travel Channel featured Anthony Melchiorri's tough love lesson of the season at Cape May's Periwinkle Inn.

Anthony Melchiorri went from public enemy to wet t-shirt participant as he tried to restore the latest Hotel Impossible candidate.

That's right. When all was said and done, Anthony took his designer duds and jumped in the pool along with the Periwinkle Inn owner Claudia.

It was truly a baptism born of fire.

Getting their attention

Once again the question must be asked. Why do owners solicit help if they aren't willing to take all that goes along with it when you allow the hotel fixer into your life?

Maybe it's the way he delivers the bad news and criticism. You think?

The Periwinkle Inn's lobby was a disgrace to the hospitality business and Melchiorri started tearing it apart and flinging things around before informing Claudia.

She came to the scene of the destruction and demanded to know, "How dare he do this?"

Anthony's retort: "I didn't come here to ask your permission." And the war had just begun.

What needed fixing?

With HGTV star designer Casey Noble along for the ride, the lobby got transformed from a place with an employee time clock but no public restroom, into a spot guests would feel welcome. Link posted below to a slide show of the Periwinkle Inn

Guest rooms were redesigned using bedding that justified the pricey in-season rates.

The cash-only policy was dumped. Yes, you read that right. Anthony believes that without credit card acceptance, you're running a flop house for by-the-hour loving.

The biggest bugaboo for Melchiorri was the unfriendly nature of the signage. It was all negative with a lot of "Don't Do" language in bold type that had Anthony screaming.

The Periwinkle Inn had to change from a place that viewed guests as the problem to one where they're the boss.

Are you a singer or a hotel operator?

The owner's two kids helped her run the joint, but just barely. Melchiorri had to politely listen to daughter Jennifer play her music for him and sing along for maximum effect.

I'd be lying if I told you she'd make it through auditions for American Idol or The Voice.

Anthony almost ran her off with his accusations that she had too many excuses about her failures, to be open to hearing how to fix it all.

She was talked back off the ledge, which if you know Anthony is one of his best traits.

How did the date end?

No one was more angry and defensive than Claudia whose voice was reminiscent, to at least one social media member on Get Glue, of a character from Beavis and Butthead.

She went from frightened of change and disagreeable to someone who was ready to receive help. And why not?

She got a new computer management system, bedding, a new lobby, hook ups with locals to help market the Periwinkle Inn, and an attitude facelift that would serve her well.

Unfortunately it looks like some of Anthony's miracles were in the process of being unraveled after he left.

In the closing credits we learned that the Periwinkle Inn was returning to some of their old ways. Why?

Who knows, but next week we'll watch a recap of places Melchiorri has fixed in a special one hour Hotel Impossible entitled, "After Anthony".

Can't wait.

Link to slide show of Periwinkle Inn, here.

Travel Channel airs new episodes of Hotel Impossible on Monday* nights at 10:00 p.m. ET Image: Travel Channel/Hotel Impossible

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