Hotel Impossible preview: Anthony returns to his fixer uppers

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Tonight, Travel Channel's Hotel Impossible returns to six hotels turned around by Anthony Melchiorri to see how they are faring, in a show entitled "After Anthony".

Is there life "After Anthony" Melchiorri?

Fans of Hotel Impossible will find out tonight when the hotel fixer extraordinaire circles back to hotels he featured in season one of the show.

The Travel Channel camera visits The Dude Rancher Lodge – Billings, MT; La Jolla Cove Suites – La Jolla, CA; The Purple Orchid Resort and Spa – Livermore, CA; Ocean Manor – Fort Lauderdale, FL; The New Yorker – Miami, FL; and The Dream Inn – Daytona Beach, FL.

The Dream Inn was a classic case of family that couldn't fix itself.

The hotel's income was supposed to support two families, that of the Cindy and John Kinberger, a ready-to-retire couple who owned the place and their son Jody's who was an emasculated general manager.

A strong matriarch, Cindy had been slowed by a cancer diagnosis and treatments that kept her away from the property for much of the last year or so.

Nonetheless, when employees and her family were asked who runs the place, the answer was always, "Cindy does. She makes all the decisions."

For some reason, Cindy didn't see it that way, pointing to her son Jody as the day-to-day guy on the spot.

Jody and his dad John were fearful of upsetting her and Jody in particular couldn't bring himself to disagree. It was bringing The Dream Inn to the brink of closing its doors.

Some of the many problems befalling The Dream Inn were its lack of cleanliness, upkeep and most glaringly its sunflower yellow color.

The city of Daytona Beach hated it so much that an ordinance was passed to prevent anyone else from getting the same bright idea as Cindy.

Oh yes, then there were the endless number of dolphin sculptures and painted renderings that moved decorator Blanche to say. "This place is where dolphins come to die."

Anthony Melchiorri engaged in his usual shock therapy schtick, but as is typical of him, his heart warmed to the family's plight and the promise of redemption for their property.

He almost blew it by insisting on a complete paint job for the hotel exterior, as the afternoon rain storms looked like they would wash it all away

Tune in tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET on Travel Channel. Image: Travel Channel/Anthony Melchiorri

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