Hotel Impossible preview, Anthony takes on Jersey shore

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Get ready for fireworks as Anthony Melchiorri and the Travel Channel take us to Cape May, NJ tonight. The Periwinkle Inn needs help and Anthony is ready to roar.

Hotel Impossible took its roadshow to a historic site along the southern-most tip of the Jersey shore.

Cape May, NJ is known as the oldest seaside resort town in America.

It's quaint with historic buildings, and is as removed as can be from the Seaside Heights location that made Snooki and JWoww famous. It's a mere ferry ride away from the Delaware shore towns.

The owners of the Periwinkle Inn are in trouble and as one has come to expect, not necessarily happy with Anthony Melchiorri's advice, opinions or his fix for their establishment.

Periwinkle Inn isn't periwinkle in color. Rather it seems that pink, mauve and purple dominate the decor both inside and out.

Catch the photo of the Inn's lobby-pre renovations posted above, and more at the show's website. Link posted below.

How will it all end? Tune in tonight at 10 p.m ET/9 p.m. CT to catch it all.

UPDATE--- Read the recap and review of the Periwinkle Inn episode, here at HULIQ.

We love us some Anthony Melchiorri each and every week, but viewers don't get to see Anthony's handiwork after the final scenes of each show.

We get some facts about the hotel fixer's locations in the closing credits sequences.

Some hotels are thriving and using his suggestions and others can't make it.

Next Monday we get a break from a new Hotel Impossible show, but get so much more.

Get ready for "Hotel Impossible After Anthony" and trips back to some of the program's hot spots. Have they taken his advice?

Revisit The Dude Rancher Lodge – Billings, MT; La Jolla Cove Suites – La Jolla, CA; The Purple Orchid Resort and Spa – Livermore, CA; Ocean Manor – Fort Lauderdale, FL; The New Yorker – Miami, FL; and The Dream Inn – Daytona Beach, FL.

Remember The Dream Inn? That is one of the places that Anthony decided a family member had to go to save the place. Watch a clip from the show posted below.

Cindy and John, a near-retirement couple and their son Jody had made a mess of things. Read the full story, here.

It wasn't until Melchiorri learned that Jody was being overruled by his mom Cindy and the decisions were at the heart of their trouble.

Seems that Cindy was impeding progress as simple as painting the outside of the joint to make it more appealing.

While all were happy when it was over, the proof is in the after-Anthony experience. Get your popcorn ready folks.

Link to photos of Periwinkle Inn. Image: Travel Channel/Hotel Impossible Hotel Periwinkle lobby prior to changes


Submitted by anniel (not verified) on
Hoping they took Anthony's advice - the Mom looked totally relieved when it was suggested to let her son manage the hotel. Looking for an update, please, hoping for a successful turnaround.

Submitted by anniel (not verified) on
Did the owners take Anthony's advice? Seems Crabby Periwinkle would have been a better name for the "before" hotel. Angry signs, angry policies, angry people - might have something to do with being mistreated by the guests but so needing a chill pill. Seems the positive ideas should have had an impact - did they??

Appreciate you reading and chiming in. After last night's episode the after-report, so to speak, seemed to indicate that things were reverting in some ways. Your hotel is beautiful and here's hoping it is profitable and successful.

from last night's show on the Periwinkle say "The family scrapped Casey's design and is redoing the lobby. Jennifer is using the new computer system. Claudia refuses and Jennifer continues to write jingles." Doesn't sound like Melchiorri's fix was accepted in full. What does it seem like to you?

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