Hotel Impossible season premiere: Puerto Rico marriage counseling

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Season two of Travel Channel's Hotel Impossible began on an idyllic stretch of beach in Puerto Rico, but Anthony Melchiorri couldn't find the hotel he was hired to fix.

The Caribe Playa Beach Resort has a world class beachfront property and a view to die for, but since the show's name is Hotel Impossible, you knew trouble was lurking.

It didn't take much time for Anthony Melchiorri to discover it.

Because he arrived already angry and frustrated due to bad directions from the airport in San Juan he got whipped up into his reality show frenzy mode in what seemed like a nano second. Watch the video posted below to get the drift.

That was bad news for George and his general manager Francis, who Melchiorri was supposedly unaware was also his wife.

His second wife to be precise. An adult son of George met Melchiorri offsite and told the tale of how he left the hotel in disgust when Francis undermined his efforts.

If we hadn't seen the mess and chaos, we might have been less prone to believe the disgruntled son. And a mess it was.

Litter on the beach, rusty and dirty pool furniture, cluttered and confusing front desk area and the usual dirty rooms are familiar to fans of Hotel Impossible.

What set it all apart from other fixer-upper places taken on by Melchiorri was a complete lack of a telephone system, no dead blots or safety locks on guest room doors and a pool bar that sat abandoned.

AAA wouldn't rate the place without security locks. That is how low this place was on the totem pole of getaway destination resorts.

The biggest item on the agenda was firing Francis, which after it was done gave us an inkling of why George feared pulling the trigger.

The worst kind of marital guilt kept him from making a change that would save his investment.

The longer he waited the less cash he had to accomplish what was necessary to pull the place back to solvency. Anthony gave George the stones to do it and the full fury of Francis hit.

It was over more quickly than expected and then Melchiorri drove his designer crazy with one of the tightest deadlines to complete the task ever seen on the show.

The makeover is always a great reveal at the end and guests were invited to sample the newly re-opened pool bar with cocktails chosen and served by the new general manager.

A simpler and pared down front desk area was created as was a full blown website that had good directions from the airport. Bedding was donated by a sponsor as were the phones and wireless Internet capability.

Melchiorri knows everyone from his decades in the business and brings them along for the wild ride each week on Travel Channel.

One thing that makes Hotel Impossible a bit impossible for viewers is use of the compressed time frame for changes. The hotel fixer was in and out in 72 hours. Hurricane Anthony is a good name for it.

Presumably the way one room was used as a re-design sample, the same was true for a communication system that needed to connect more than 30 rooms with a front desk.

But what the heck? We watch it to see how Anthony takes over, barks orders and confounds owners with questions they have no idea how to answer. It's never a puzzle why the hotel is in trouble.

Hotel Impossible will air its new season of shows on Travel Channel, Monday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET. Image: Travel Channel/Anthony Melchiorre

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