Hotel Impossible's Melchiorri sweats bullets at ranch rehab

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The latest installment of Travel's Hotel Impossible, starring the whirling dervish that is Anthony Melchiorri traveled to Arizona and rehabbed a natural paradise of a ranch resort.

Put on your jeans, cowboy hat and riding gear to watch Hotel Impossible's episode entitled "Triangle T Ranch".

Anthony Melchiorri, the hotel fixer extraordinaire rented a convertible for the drive to the ranch in Dragoon, Arizona outside Tucson and must have thought it was balmy and breezy Southern California.

It's the desert Anthony and wearing black couldn't have helped you as you frothed at the mouth, running around trying to find the ranch's front desk for check-in.

He was in a foul mood and sweating profusely when it took him a quarter-hour to find the right building on the property. Signage was confusing and buildings looked abandoned. Watch Anthony Melchiorri go a bit batty in video posted below.

The Triangle T Ranch story is a familiar one. An owner is ready to go under, is clueless how to market and run a resort and made very bad decisions along the way.

What set this hour-long transformation apart from others that Anthony has undertaken was the lack of defensiveness on the part of the owner Linda Kelly. He found her grateful for the help.

Last week's episode in Puerto Rico saw Melchiorre have to fire the owner's wife who was a lousy GM, then get involved in a marital dispute. Read: Hotel Impossible gets into marriage counseling

What's a guy to do when there's no push back? Yell and scream anyway. It's the Melchiorri way.

There were the usual clean up chores around a pool area encircled by rock formations that are stunningly beautiful, some new linens for the guest rooms and moving dumpsters and Port-A Potties out of site.

But, most of the noise came from Anthony's incredulity at the lack of signage, info available to guests about what the ranch had to offer and finding an unused movie set where the classic Western "3:10 to Yuma" (the original from the'50s) was shot by Hollywood crews.

The main building on the film set was used as storage. Yes, you read that right --- storage.

The major rebuilding-repainting focused on the front desk in a welcome center building that guests would find right away.

What Melchiorri spent most of his time doing was showing Linda how to market her 162-acre paradise, how best to hire employees, what a morning "stand-up" meeting was and how to develop the property's attractions.

Oh yes, and create a "Did You Know" with FAQ's about the place, with a decent map of the property to hand out as guests check-in.

It was the sight of Anthony in boots riding a horse with his cowboy hat and jeans that brought a smile to this viewer's face. He actually knows how to ride.

After all was said and done, Melchiorri truly resurrected a desert treasure and brought travel agents to see it. His closing speech was emotional:

"The Triangle T Ranch was never a place just to rest your head. It's a place in transition, a special place.The employees lost their way. The owner lost her way."

Over the closing credits, viewers learned that the hotel fixer's touch worked miracles. The place was ready to host a Hollywood film premiere and was a candidate to be listed among the top 50 ranches in the world.....let that set in for a moment.

It's why we watch the master at work.

Travel Channel broadcasts new episodes of "Hotel Impossible" Monday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET Image: Travel Channel/ Hotel Impossible website

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