JELL-O wants you back, new ads coming

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Have you eaten JELL-O recently? With their college football team molds and more, JELL-O's marketing is getting a makeover.

JELL-O, the gelatin dessert and pudding maker has set out to remake its marketing and dare we say it, return to relevancy?

The Kraft brand rolled out college football team molds less than 10 days ago to capitalize on the massively popular NCAA college season.

The big four who got the JELL-O mold treatment are the Arkansas Razorbacks, Florida Gators, Texas Longhorns and the Michigan Wolverines

USA Today r
eports that the Michigan mold is a block “M,” Texas gets an imprint of a longhorn, Arkansas’ is what appears to be a wild boar or feral pig and Florida gets its gator.

They are there for diehard fans to join in the craze begun with Kellog's Pop Tarts that got branded with NCAA football team logos just about one year ago this month.

But back to JELL-O.

Last week's Shark Week, presented by Discovery Channel, gave fans a chance to use JELL-O products to enjoy dessert in front of the TV. Images of fins sticking out of JELL-O cups were posted on the dessert's Facebook page. See link to that posted below.

Ad Age
reported today that the gelatin dessert sales were down by a miniscule amount last year but that the pudding products suffered a 19% sales plunge.

Here come the new commercials and tagline, "Fun Things Up".

Dan O'Leary, Kraft's senior director of marketing for desserts told Ad Age: "The new campaign positions Jell-O as a wholesome product that tastes good and is fun, he said." Which is apparently in contrast to the previous years in this new century during which the iconic brand was touted as fitting into a low calorie eating plan.

Will Kraft be successful in finding a campaign that made JELL-O and Bill Cosby forged together in customers' minds when they went to the grocery store? Only time will tell, but you will be seeing a lot more commercials making attempts at that kind of success.

Image credit: Kraft/JELL-O

Link to JELL-O Facebook page.