Jennifer Hudson shares recipes with Dr. Oz

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Dr. Oz welcomed Jennifer Hudson to his program on Tuesday to share her Weight Watchers success story and how she became part of Transformation Nation.

Dr. Oz 's Transformation Nation is a whole-body approach to getting healthier, one large portion of which is finding the right weight for any individual. To spur on Americans who love a challenge, in conjunction with Weight Watchers International he set up a contest.

The Million Dollar Challenge, begun in late 2011 is still open for those that want to take it, in the hope that they might be chosen as the big winner. Its aim is to lead participants through seven steps towards optimum health, each with its own completion criteria. Semi-finalists will be chosen and then a panel of judges will narrow down 10 finalists with the grand prize winner being voted on by viewers. Learn more about it how to register to win, here.

Jennifer Hudson's decision to begin her weight loss journey happened after she gave birth to her son, but she still needed a shock to her system to actually start the process. It happened when she saw the cover photo for a then unreleased CD song collection.

She chose the Weight Watchers program to guide her she says, because it allows her to eat throughout the day without feeling deprived. Portion control was a key to her success as well as learning about recipes that were easy and satisfying. Learn why Jennifer Hudson thinks 2012 is the "Year to Believe."

The "American Idol" singer and Academy Award winning actress admitted that like many of her fans and Dr. Oz viewers, she loves pancakes for breakfast, burgers for lunch and pasta at night. It's carbs city for her. Weight Watchers says jump start exercise with just 5 minutes a day

She was joined on the Dr. Oz show with a Weight Watchers representative who spoke about the long term maintenance of weight loss, which is where many of us get tripped up. A key for that is learning to cook differently while still enjoying the tastes you love.

That is where the Jennifer Hudson favorite recipes can help. Her formula for eating pancakes is truly simple, make them smaller. It also helps to utilize low fat milk in the mix but even if she doesn't, she can be satisfied with the lighter portion because she gets the taste she craves.

At lunch she substitutes ground turkey for beef and she bakes sweet potato fries rather than deep frying. Jennifer chooses which she wants most that particular day --- a roll with her burger or the fries. She is happy with either one.

Her pasta dinner recipe is for vegetable lasagna and while you can find zucchini and eggplant to substitute for the pasta, if she wants her typical pasta meal she can have it, but once again portion control is key. Find the complete recipe and cooking instructions at the Weight Watchers Facebook page, or click here.

Jennifer Hudson never deprives herself of dessert when she wants it. On Dr. Oz she told the audience that focusing on shopping for something particular will produce results. Hudson has found chocolate chip cookies that are smaller than average and within her daily allotment of Weight Watchers Points Plus program.

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