Jersey Shore, Roger's party and Mike's attitude

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Jersey Shore aired back-to-back episodes and promoted the big brawl. But it was Roger's birthday party at Jimbo's that got the gang together and happy for the first time.

Roger's party is a healing moment. Roger celebrated another birthday that gets him closer to being 40 and the Jersey Shore crew emphasized that on the birthday cake. "Happy Birthday Roger, Old Man" was spelled out in chocolate icing.

The occasion got Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi out at night for a change, and she even partook in dance floor fun while slugging bottled water. Harmony reigned after an initial spat or two.

Ronnie and Sammi didn't fight, Deena didn't cry, Snooki didn't leave the party and JWoWW made up with Roger. Amazing.

Snooki finally shakes her booty. It was a big step for Snooki and it was much appreciated by Deena who between a stomach flu and sobbing about missing boyfriend Chris, keeps pining away for her companion Meatball.

Maybe Nicole made an effort because Jionni was on a week-long trip and wasn't around for her new favorite things --- a couples' dinner and cuddling session.

Perhaps it was a result of being rested and feeling well after moving her sleeping quarters to a small apartment down the street from the big house.

Whatever it was paid dividends for the group, except for Mike who she still won't forgive.

Roger and Jenni compromise.
It wouldn't be a typical Jenni-Roger evening without a fight and it is how the party started. Compromise, that surprisingly easy way to make amends was actually used by the couple.

If Jenni didn't leave the place, Roger agreed to stay longer than he planned because he came late to his own party. Why? His nap ran long, making JWoWW burn.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino finds sobriety a mixed bag. He has been living "one day at a time", yet we've not seen him attend or speak about meetings.

What we saw instead was whining and excuses for blowing off a work obligation and an appointment to get his injection of prescription meds. They aid in his recovery..

In speaking to his sister, Sorrentino tried to get around going for the shot by claiming it made him feel others didn't trust him. He then admitted that it just hurt like hell afterwards and made him want to take a nap.

That became apparent when he couldn't do more than mope and sit around at the t-shirt shop during his work hours. Danny the shop's owner called him on his laziness. Mike was not going to get credit for having come to the shop, without putting in the effort to mingle, sell and be a draw for customers.

Mike sulked and complained, thinking his mere presence was enough. Unfortunately, he has yet to stop making his recovery an excuse.

Mike's frustration mounts. He also is seriously pissed at Snooki. She is the only one of the Jersey Shore gang that won't accept Mike's new sobriety without him paying a price for his previous behavior.

He can't understand it, gets frustrated and stalks off while asking why Snooki can't just start over, as he is trying to do. Jenni said it best. "Talking it out is throwing it out on the table and apologizing and saying that he lied. Like, "Sorry I lied to you. Sorry I brought it up to Jionni."

In other words, make amends. Mike hasn't been forced to do that to any great extent by anyone else but Nicole.

A quick scan of the website for Vivitrol, one prescription drug aimed at keeping addicts sober (Mike didn't name his medication) clearly states that to be effective it needs to be used in conjunction with counseling or a program.

While meetings are anonymous and one wouldn't expect the MTV cameras inside, there hasn't been one scene in the show that has Mike saying he's got to get to a meeting.

Anyone think this could end up being a problem as the show goes on?

MTV airs new episodes of Jersey Shore's final season at 10:00 p.m. ET with replays throughout the week. Image: MTV Jersey Shore

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