Jersey Shore season premiere, 'It's reality' says Pauly D

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The Jersey Shore final season debuts tonight on MTV and Pauly D wants everyone to know that while it might have always been called a reality show, it's "really" reality now.

The whole crew is back on the Jersey Shore, even those battling ex-pals Snooki and The Situation. MTV broadcasts a two-hour premiere tonight to get fans back into the mood for a wild summer 2012, even though it's October.

It's less of a wild time for at least two of the Jersey Shore gang and we all know who they are.

In discussing what it was like to deal with alcohol abstaining Nicole Polizzi and a clean and sober Mike Sorrentino, the ever eloquent Pauly D said:

"The show's reality," Pauly told MTV News. "Things happen. In reality, people get pregnant, some people deal with situations going to rehab. It's just real life." See video clip posted below.

For those that haven't been keeping up with the time lag between present day and the show taping months ago, Snooki is no longer pregnant. Read: Snooki and Jionni welcome Lorenzo LaValle.

Recent postings on her Instagram account show a content Nicole, sans makeup and holding her darling little boy.

But for fans of Jersey Shore, all that has to be ignored to watch Snooki with a growing baby bump remaining sober.

Those that watched any or all of the just-completed first season of Snooki & JWoww, will get that old feeling of discomfort that came when Nicole and Jenni realized they didn't have as much in common when they weren't drunk and partying. Read: Are the girls pals without booze?

Nicole does her abstaining out of choice and a feeling of responsibility to her unborn child.

Mike The Situation Sorrentino is doing it to keep his life on track and avoid a massive flame out that would take his major source of income and toss it away.

After his stint in rehab, The Sitch opened up about his addiction to prescription pain meds. The Huffington Post reported:

"My addiction was prescription painkillers. At first, I'm sure I thought that it might give me energy. I thought it helped me, because it's a painkiller so you're not tired anymore," he explained. "Then after a while you're like 'Oh maybe this is going to help my schedule out.' I for sure made a mistake by picking a substance over what I previously chose, which was fitness."

In the MTV News video clip, Mike makes it plain that he expects to tear it up for the final go-round in Seaside Heights, just not while he consumes massive amounts of pain killers.

Don't believe it? Tune in tonight starting at 10:00 p.m. ET on MTV. Image: Wikimedia

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