Jill returns for Christmas wedding on Royal Pains

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It's a Christmas wedding for Evan and Paige in the Hamptons, as USA Network gets ready to air the much anticipated Royal Pains wedding episode this Sunday Dec. 16.

Get set for a two-hour episode entitled "Off-Season's Greetings" as Royal Pains follows through on the plans made by Paige and Evan last summer season.

A look at the sunny landscape of Long Island's Hamptons community in the freezing cold and snow of December will be an odd site, but a welcome one for fans of the show. Watch sneak peek scenes posted below.

The season just concluded was heavy on the drama surrounding Paige's discovery that she was adopted by her parents.

Evan was embroiled in his own mess with brother and lead character Hank Lawson.

A falling out over how to run HankMed separated them in body and spirit until they came to their senses.

During the split, Evan hired two other doctors, one of which has a social anxiety problem but got over it long enough to fall head over heels for Divya.

Hank's activities during the break up period included bedding more beautiful women and engaging in high stakes international drama with Boris and business associate Dmitry.

In the final scene of the season finale there was an explosion at Boris' home.

Hank was outside the property and got knocked unconscious. Just prior to that he saw a black SUV speed by him in the driveway with none other than Dmitry inside.

He was fleeing the scene when he should have been with Boris in the Vodka Room celebrating the success of their business venture.

That meant that Boris was still in there. His security team was in the courtyard rather than at their boss' side.

It is on that note that the story picks up with the wedding.

As with most weddings, family secrets are revealed and according to USA, fans will learn a lot about the brothers Lawson and their early life.

Guess who comes back for the affair? Hank's on again-off again lover and pal Jill.

Just in time to take Paige and Divya out of town for a bachelorette party. The boys are in Vegas.

Do you smell "Hangover" drama about getting to the church on time.

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Tune in Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET/8:00 p.m. CT for the answer. Image: A&E/Royal Pains Facebook

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