Jim Parsons shone on The Dan Patrick Show today

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His Sheldon persona from The Big Bang Theory was nowhere in sight as Jim Parsons sat in as a member of the Dannettes, just looking to fit in.

The Big Bang Theory star was in New York and lived out his desire to be part of The Dan Patrick Show, a sports-talk radio program simulcast on TV.

Clad for the role perfectly in a plaid flannel shirt and jeans, Parsons joined what is known as the Back Row to sit between Andrew "McLovin" Perloff and Todd "Fritzi" Fritz.

Unlike his alter ego Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Parsons is self-effacing almost to a fault. He's not a boisterous type and kept the chatter to a minimum. There isn't a stitch of diva in him.

He even told Dan and the guys that he had a piece of memorabilia from The Big Bang Theory to send them once he returns to So. Cal. It will be placed in the man cave studio in Connecticut which is the permanent home for the show. Mondays during football season the gang uses a studio in Manhattan.

The Dannettes and Dan Patrick really do a show about doing a show, as they reveal the technical and human challenges of rolling out three hours of good sports talk radio each day.

Parsons appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and expressed a kinship with Dan and its co-stars.

He grew fond of it as he watched in his dressing room prior to filming, he told Leno. He wanted to try his hand at sitting among the Dannettes, although he didn't think he'd have much to contribute.

"I might surprise myself, you know, while in the environment and something interesting might come out of my mouth, but this is more about my own edification. It's why I suggested I would act as an unpaid intern."

While not a sports savant, he likes the NFL enough to be part of a fantasy league. He also just enjoys the banter among Dan Patrick and his on-air crew.

So it came to pass on this day that Jim Parsons put on a set of headphones and acted out some of his fantasies, like participating in a segment known as "Against the Grain"

He also spent time in the photo booth, getting those black and white beauties you see on the boardwalks and arcades around the country.

After his on-air chores were complete, he was ushered back to the photo booth that substituted for The Box, a small space where the Dannettes go to vent during the show. Here is what he shared with viewers:

"This is my first Box appearance to go along with my first appearance in the Back Row. Maybe someday I'll sit in the Front Row, but honestly there seemed to be too many buttons that I could have taken the show off the air, so I didn't do that.

I learned that everybody here is as nice as they seem to be when you watch the show. The off camera conversation is frequently more interesting than the on camera stuff. I had a great time and I would do this again."

After impressing the regulars with his down to earth nature, he was off to other parts of N.Y.C. Here's a link to the radio show's website for more.

CBS airs new episodes of The Big Bang Theory on Thursday nights starting at 8:00 p.m. The show is on a break until after the new year. Image: Wikimedia Commons

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