Joan Rivers crowns 2012 Oscars best and worst dressed ladies

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Joan Rivers and her Fashion Police on E! rendered final judgment on Oscar red carpet fashions, rating best and worst dressed of the night. Angelina Jolie's name came up in a surprise decision.

Joan Rivers and the usual fashion police crew of Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne and George Kotsiopoulos began on a modest note by reviewing the ladies in the two colors of the night.

The Ladies Who Wore White

Rooney Mara: Joan said "She looks like a dominatrix getting married!" in her Givenchy Spring 2009 couture gown. "Very fashion forward but what are those awnings on the front of her dress?" The dress from the back had touches of glamor and Kelly said it was a best dressed nominee for her.

Gwyneth Paltrow:
She was lauded all around by the Fashion Police. Joan bubbled: "She looked amazing. So simple and so elegant." George K, a stylist himself said, "She was the only person that made a bold statement last night. I loved this, it was old Hollywood glamor."

Jennifer Lopez: Her sheer gown encased her hour glass shape to perfection except...the ladies on the panel spotted a bit of nipple and would not give J-Lo a break about it. Kelly Osbourne declared her a best dressed nominee but said, "I got to see her nip, one of the most beautiful women in the world and I saw her nipple." Giuliana reported that Lopez' stylist actually put out a statement to say it was an illusion caused by the lights on the dress. No one was buying it.

The Ladies Who Wore Red:

Natalie Portman
: "Usually when you see dark red spots like that, you call a doctor," Rivers shouted, who also criticized Portman carrying a black bag with the red dress. Joan was joined in that opinion by the rest of the panel. Portman was wearing a 1954 vintage gown from Dior couture, that George K said made her the spitting image of that era's glamorous Hollywood stars.

Michelle Williams: Looking gorgeous in red Louis Vuitton, Joan said the young nominee should grow her hair in. "Viola Davis went over and told her, 'Girlfriend, you better get yourself a wig.'" Kelly called the dress exquisite but wasn't a fan of a pink purse. Giuliana disagreed about the pink, saying it brought, "A little bit of Marilyn to the red carpet."

The Leading Ladies

Sandra Bullock: She wore Marchesa. "I thought it was a killer look for her, just perfect. And since it was black and white it was just like her family," Joan said. The panel agreed on the killer look but....Giuliana thought the bodice was not fitted well and needed to be tucked in closer to Bullock's body.

Cameron Diaz: Sporting a Gucci gown, Joan Rivers said the dress "...was great and she looked marvelous, but correct me if I'm wrong but aren't those tan lines I see?" George K gasped in horror..."Oh my you're right. I didn't see those." He then went on to comment on her toned and muscular upper arms that he longed for on his own body.

Meryl Streep: Wearing Lanvin for the occasion Joan said, "I have to take myself out of this one. She is one of our finest actresses, although I would usually say she looked like something you'd see Grandma's ashes in....but no, not for that night. I'm so glad she won the Oscar." George K went so far as to call her a best dressed nominee for him, Giuliana agreed with him.

Couples of the Night:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: She was draped in Atelier Versace and Brad wore a Tom Ford tuxedo. "I'm sorry, I always think that Angelina is wonderful and gorgeous but that prosthetic leg ruined it for me." As the panel sat in silent horor, Rivers pulled out a leg from a store mannequin and posed with it like Jolie did with the crotch-high slit up the right side of the gown.

George Clooney and Stacy Keibler:
George was stunning in Armani and Stacy was in a gold gown that many stylists tried to get for their clients, but once the designer knew that it would be standing next to Clooney on the red carpet, Keibler was the winner of the sweepstakes. "I love the gold color of the dress and I'm a bit sad for Stacy, since it's the color of a wedding ring she'll never get from him." The panel agreed that Stacy looked "phenomenal" and a best dressed nominee for each of them.

The Ladies from "The Help"

Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen got Joan gushing. "I loved it. It was different, not a cookie cutter dress, looks just a bit like a matador's jacket." George K said it was custom made for Jessica and a best dressed nominee for him.

Viola Davis wore emerald green and Ms. Rivers could only say, "Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous and the color on her was stunning." Kelly and Giuliana swooned about the gown and her natural hair choice. Rancic said that she was so tired of wearing wigs and wanted to represent that night.

Octavia Spencer: George K said that while Spencer knows what to wear to flatter her body it was a bit too much like her gowns from the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards." The panel agreed that the cut of the dress is perfect for her but it would be nice if she changed it up a bit.

And now for the winner and loser....

Best Dressed on 2012 Oscar red carpet was not a unanimous choice. It was Viola Davis because Joan Rivers overruled her three fellow panelists who all voted for Gwyneth Paltrow. "I'm sorry, I have to overrule you all. Viola Davis was the queen of fashion on the night."

Worst Dressed
lady on the red carpet last night was: In another overrule situation, Joan Rivers crowned Angelina Jolie, which stunned the panel and the audience. "The dress was fabulous but she ruined it with the posing of her leg. I'm sorry, she made Lea Michele look sincere," whined Joan who has a particularly nasty hate for the "Glee" television star.

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He said that while Paltrow's gown and cape were "an iconic Oscar moment....history making" the same analysis makes it the worst of the night because it is "too fashion forward." I guess it's a stylist thing. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
....but I totally disagree with George with his WORST casting. I think he absolutely wasted this opportunity to bash Angie's emaciated, cigarettes-for-dinner ridiculous posing or Piggy's trashy silver lame number....which we've seen her in this so many times before. Would have love to have seen MP step out in something chiffon drapey around her shoulders a la Penelope Cruz or even rock a mod, retro frock like Shailene....(but her hair did look fantastic).

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I think Mila Jogovich should have won best dressed, or at least have been mentioned. She looked absolutely stunning and her hair and make-up were perfect. She wins hands down for me

Submitted by GeeGee (not verified) on
I totally agree with Joan this year!! Viola looked devine in that green gown with her natural hair and she deserved best dressed. I also agree with her wholeheartedly about A. Jolie; that dress and the whole leg thing seemed a bit desperate!! It was an obvious cry for attention but she may have misinterpreted the kind of attention it would bring.

Submitted by Clairins (not verified) on
At least Angelina didn't wear some mini skirt that seems to be the rage with 40+ year old actresses these days (now that's desperate)...her dress was completely gorgeous and appropriate.....she just ruined it with the awkward leg posing, but I thought she looked like she was totaly enjoying Angelina Jolie once again stole the night....nobody cares about the winners...they just care about jolie's leg.

When she presented an award. I first thought she might be making fun of the pose from the red carpet, but maybe not. Combing the two and you've got a mess. Did you see the writers who imitated her before saying thanks for their Oscars?

Submitted by Dakota (not verified) on
Are we really expected to take the fashion judgments of kelly Osbourne seriously? Her hair (was it blue or grey) looked like she had used bluing on it like the white haired ladies in early 20th century. And do us all a favor, give out the name of her hairstylist so we can avoid him or her. And that dress?! It looked like a black see through tent. Joan, i thought you don't like fat people -have you looked at Kelly? I guess you can call her chunky if you are trying to be kind. If you need someone young and relevant there has to be a host of better choices. It was really uncomfortable having to look at Kelly making fashion "judgments" about other people.

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