Joan Rivers crowns best-worst dressed at 2013 Golden Globes

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The E! Fashion Police were in session and Joan Rivers sat in judgement of the celebs who came out for the 2013 Golden Globes award ceremony.

The Golden Globe fashion trends for the 2013 red carpet were highlighted.

Winter white

Anne Hathaway in Chanel got a somewhat thumbs up from Joan. "It's Chanel, it's beautiful, but the top looked like a body cast. Three fans came over to sign it." George Kotsiopoulos disagreed as did a very vehement Kelly Osbourne who said: "If I were a Golden Globe nominee, I would want to wear a dress this timeless." Kelly did say she thought it lacked a bit of color or even a statement piece of jewelry but she was outvoted by Giuliana Rancic on that point.

Lea Michele in Elie Saab was just too tan for anyone's taste, particularly Joan Rivers who has a problem with the attitude of Lea Michele. But, stylist George K gave her dress and even her non-platform shoes (a nice change) a thumbs up for sure.

Amanda Seyfried in Givenchy. Rivers began this way: "It's a John Travolta dress. It's white, it's boring and it should just stay in the closet. It's just OK." Georgie K said that Seyfried wanted to look angelic and she accomplished that task. It was of his favorites of the night. Both Kelly O and Giuliana Rancic said that her long hair kept them from seeing more of the detail on the bodice.

Jennifer Lopez in a "seriously" sheer Zuhair Murad dress. Joan screamed, "Movie star, movie star. The lining is made to match her skin tone. This is how I love my Jennifer. She is dressed up, glamorous and not singing." George K said her body was perfection. He made it a best dressed nominee as did Kelly O.

Wine colored dresses

Rivers said that wine was the color of the night, and "...not just to wash down your pills." Ouch!

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior red. I'm surprised she was going with the dress," George K Joan noted the "pointy" way her breasts looked in the bodice and ridiculed it. The top should have been padded. Kelly Osbourne valued the Dior 1940s construction of the dress. and made it a best dressed nominee. Giuliana thought she was beautiful.

Naomi Watts in a Zac Posen open back, draped gown that was the height of movie star chic, according to Joan. Although she wasn't a fan of the red meets brown. George K disagreed and claimed it was a best dressed nominee for him, calling it "retro done right." Rancic said "I don't know how you can do better."

Taylor Swift in Donna Karan Atelier. "Look at her, she's a movie star," said Joan. George said he loved the nude mesh down the side and both he and Kelly claimed she was yet another best dressed nominee on the night. Osbourne added, "She killed it, but her hair looked like she had done her hair herself. She's all grown up."

The ladies in black

Eva Longoria in Emilio Pucci. Rivers was unforgiving. "I call this the Lil' Kim dress. If you think the hole in front and stretched out, wait til you see the one in back." George K said the leg slit was way too high and should have been sewn up about five inches. The back is beautiful though." Kelly O called it a worst dressed nominee.

Katharine McPhee in a Theysken’s Theory creation. "For her, she knocked it out of the ballpark. She's completely turned her bad fashion around," said Rivers. In a dress so revealing in the front that Ryan Seacrest gasped when he saw her, the Fashion Police gave her rave review, with Kelly Osbourne calling her "head to toe perfection."

Kate Hudson wore Alexander McQueen
. "Gorgeous," said Joan. "She looked like a movie star although I wish she'd pulled her hair back so we could see the beading at the neck and chest." George K even forgave her the hair worn down hiding the beading. "I love this, but I want her hair to go up," Kelly added. Rancic said the the flowing hair made it "cool".

Killer couples

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. She in Alexander McQueen and he in Prada. Declared "cute" Joan believed they were hot. George said that when Nicole Kidman "kills it, she really kills it." Giuliana Rancic said, "Watch her on the red carpet. For those of you at home, you couldn't see her perfection. She is so beautiful and sexy."

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz. She was in Louis Vuitton and he was wearing Tom Ford. Rivers yelled, "His tux didn't fit, it was buckling. Her shoes were too thick for her dress that was 'Yecch' ". George K usually despises dresses that have a long sheer panel but when he saw the photos, he thought it worked. "It's just not the right event to wear that dress," declared Giuliana.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner
. She was in Vivienne Westwood. "Ben was one of the few men in the room whose beard wasn't on his arm," Joan joked. But seriously folks, she thought they looked great together. George K particularly liked the three piece suit look that is hot now. "They are one of my favorite couples in Hollywood," Kelly said. She looked "exceptionally beautiful" she continued. Giuliana Rancic said it was perfect because she made sure it was her husband's night. "She didn't go overboard."

Who needed some help?

Jessica Chastain in Calvin Klein. "You found Osama bin Laden, why couldn't you find a decent hairdresser?" Joan wanted to know. Her bodice was sagging, causing Rivers to declare it looked like "Zero Droop Saggy".

Halle Berry wore Atelier Versace. "There's something weird about her chest. It reminds me of the House of Representatives. The right seems disproportionately large," Joan said. George did agree on the right side smashing effect. Too much skin for him in the wrong places for him, Kelly and Giuliana. Worst dressed nominee for all of them.

Lucy Liu wore Carolina Herrera. "I just think there's an expiration date to wear a ball gown and I think it was too young for her," George K said. Yikes! The disagreement on the panel was tremendous. Kelly declared it a best dressed nominee. "She was one of the only women on the red carpet who made a true fashion statement," obsessed Kelly O. Giuliana agreed with George about her age and the dress."It doesn't look right."

BEST DRESSED : Kate Hudson was Giuliana's choice, Jessica Chastain was George's, Kelly O voted for Lucy Liu, but the winner is always declared by Joan. It was:

Taylor Swift, in a surprise took the prize. Joan, usually hard on the singer because of her reputation and tell-tale songs about ex's said, "She rocked it at the Golden Globes."

WORST DRESSED: Lucy Liu was Giuliana's pick, George chose Halle Berry and Kelly O picked Halle Berry as well. Who did Joan pick?

Jessica Chastain took the coveted "Fash-Hole" Award for the 2013 Golden Globes. "I love her but the dress was awful."

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