Joan Rivers names best and worst dressed at 2011 Academy Awards

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Joan Rivers presided over the post-award catty talk fest called the Fashion Police on E!, during which she and her fellow critics dissected celebs, their dresses and tuxedos on the Academy Awards red carpet.

Joined as usual by E! personality Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne and stylist George Kotsipoulos, Rivers was in rare form as she commented on the best and worst of the fashion parade from Sunday night.

Rancic and Osbourne were observers on the red carpet Sunday during E!'s pre-awards show. During their critiques both said more than once, "I wonder what Joan will have to say about this dress tomorrow?" Well they only had to wait 24 hours.

The Ladies in Purple:

Mila Kunis dressed in Elle Saab couture. "It was so sheer," said Rivers, "you could almost see Mila's "kunis". She then went on to say that in all seriousness she thought it was one of the most beautiful dresses of the night. "I never would have thought to put her in this color," Osbourne exclaimed, "and it worked so well for her." Rancic called it one of her best dressed nominees for the evening.

Scarlett Johannson
wore a Dolce and Gabbana design. Rivers put her finger in her mouth to induce vomiting as she spoke about it. "I thought it was just awful," she said. George K loved it because it was such a departure from what she has worn to other award shows. "When viewed from behind, with the cut out back, it was stunning."

Natalie Portman
sported a plum-purple Rodarte designed dress. Rivers gushed, "I thought this was the best she's looked all awards season long. It was flowy and beautiful." George K said that she was a best dressed nominee for him. Osbourne loved the off-the-shoulder design. Rancic congratulated the very pregnant Portman on finding something that made her look spectacular in her delicate condition.

The Ladies in Red:

Anne Hathaway in red Valentino "That's a lot of red," said Rivers. Kotsipoulos corrected Joan by saying, "This is Valentino red, not just red. He was on the carpet with her." Osbourne said it was missing the "wow" factor.

Sandra Bullock: Kotsipoulos: "This is beautiful, simple and elegant but where was the spectacular jewelry for the Oscars?" Kelly: "There was so much space between the bodice of the dress and her face, that it needed to filled with a necklace." Giulian Rancic agreed.

Jennifer Lawrence wore a custom made Calvin Klein: Joan kicked off the conversation with, "So sexy, even the gay kid in Glee would want to make it with her. I thought it was fantastic but a bit plain." Kelly Osbourne said she set the standard for the evening on the red carpet when she arrived early with so much style and class.

Jennifer Hudson wore Atelier Versace. Joan's opinion: "One of my picks for best dressed. She wore it with purple shoes and she wore a tangerine dress because as she said, 'I am so skinny now and I'll wear whatever I want, bitches!'" There was a negative vote from George K, who thought it was ill fitting on top.

Rivers' FASHION POLICE reports from the Golden Globes and the Grammys.

The Ladies in Black and Silver:

Reese Witherspoon in a vintage '60s Armani Prive: Riviers comment, "I thought it was actually too '80s, not '60s". George K said she exuded sexiness and playfulness. Rancic said Witherspoon looked like "Oscar Barbie" and it was all too much.

Hillary Swank was in Gucci Premier Couture: Rivers loved it, George K gushed about it and said it screamed "glamor, glamor, glamor." Osbourne disagreed and thought it didn't fit her well.

Helen Mirren sported Vivienne Westwood. Joan exclaimed, "She looked so age appropriate, but then again, you usually wear a dark color when you get old so it doesn't show if you have an accident waiting to get to the ladies room." The others thought Mirren was perfection and impressive in her classy look.

Sharon Stone was outfitted in Christian Dior: "She did it, she did good. I'm proud of her," said Joan. George K said the makeup was a disaster. It was too much and too dark for her face. "When you get older, you don't do that to your face." Osbourne disagreed as did Rancic.

Marisa Tomei
wearing a '50s couture dress. George K thought the hair didn't match the retro look of the dress and Osbourne agreed on the hair style. She added, "There was no wow factor at all. We didn't recognize that it was her at first when we saw her." Rancic nominated Tomei as her worst dressed nominee.

Celine Dion: "I loved it, I loved it," Rivers said of the Armani Prive dress that glimmered with the lights trained on the singer during her red carpet walk. Kelly Osbourne said it was the best she'd ever seen Celine Dion look. She nominated Celine for a best dressed of the evening.

Gwyneth Paltrow raided the Calvin Klein collection for her dress. George K said that Paltrow was sporting the minimalist look. Rancic chimed in that, "She went sleek and modern and it worked. The hair and the dress just worked together."

Cate Blanchette wore Givenchy for the occasion. Rivers hated it saying that while some might say that the dress, "was for the artsy-fartsy crowd," you could leave out the 'artsy' and what you have left is not so pretty. "Explain it to me, please," she asked her fellow critics.

Celebrity Couples:

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem: Joan thought he looked heavy. "She had the baby and he kept the weight." Cruz looked like a show girl, said George K and Rancic added that it wasn't a dress that was appropriate for the red carpet although, "her body looked smokin'."

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban: Nicole was wearing Christian Dior, the 2011 Spring Collection. "She is so gorgeous, what the hell is she wearing?" Joan Rivers sneered. "It only proves he is heterosexual, since no gay man would have let her out of the house in that dress."

The Ladies in Glittery Fashions:

Melissa Leo: It was a terrible dress for the occasion, said George K. To him it looked like an Elvis design and he nominated it as his worst dress on the night. Osbourne, Rivers and Rancic all agreed, saying it made her look old.

Amy Adams wore L'Wren Scott: "The last person to wear something this ugly was Uncle Fester of the Adams Family." Rivers said. None of the panel liked the necklace and Rancic said Adams should have worn her hair up. Ouch.



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