Joan Rivers names Best and Worst at Emmys 2012

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Joan Rivers gathered E!'s Fashion Police on Monday night for their review of the red carpet fashions at the 2012 Emmy Awards. Best and worst dressed were named and lots of dirt was dished.

Back at work were Guiliana Rancic, Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne and stylist George Kotsiopoulos and boy did they have a lot of good, bad and even ugly to review.

Yellow was the color of the night

Modern Family's Julie Bowen was resplendent in a yellow strapless gown, wearing her hair pulled back and down to brush her shoulders. Rancic called Bowen a true California girl and said she was a Best Dressed nominee for her.

Joan Rivers noted, "Loved the dress but she'd give up her two Emmys for Sofia Vergara's two luscious and large golden globes." Kelly and George could only nitpick and say that an up-hair style would have been better.

Julianne Moore, winner for Best Actress in a Movie or Mini-Series for her portrayal of Sarah Palin in HBO's "Game Change" split the panel in two. Those that wanted to throw the gown in the garbage and those that "got it" as a fashion statement.

Rivers cried: "Even women in burkas were screaming out: 'Show some skin'". George said it was just a bit too much yellow for her and that Moore seemed a bit stumpy-looking because, "The runway models were taller..." who wore the gown. Kelly said, "At least she took a risk."

Claire Danes took home the Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama for playing the troubled CIA agent in Showtime's "Homeland", and joined the Yellow Brigade.

She was clad in a Lanvin couture gown, not made as a maternity dress but worn as one. Rivers: "There's the kind of yellow that should be worn."

"She said she picked it because it was bump friendly," said George K. The runway model looked pregnant too, so she gets a Best Dressed nominee from me.".

Some of the Fashion Police's favorite ladies to lambaste had turned a fashion corner while others continued to disappoint.

Tina Fey got kudos all around the panel. From Joan: "Oh boy has she become a star, she's got it right. I love it, perfect."

George K: "Totally perfect, never seen her look better." Kelly Osbourne:"She looked amazing, her body looked amazing." Giuliana:"The tailoring is perfect, she put in the effort and to go from not caring to this: Best Dressed nominee for me."

Elizabeth Moss, a/k/a Peggy Olson from AMC's "Mad Men" was the talk of the show and not in a good way. Joan began the cat-fest: "tI needs a train, It looks like what you see in the toilet after using one of those cleaners."

George K "The hemline makes the dress look like a fashion mullet but....I loved it. It is a Best Dressed nominee for me." Kelly: "The peplum needed to be toned down at the waist."

Giuliana: "is this a horrible dress, no, but is it the wrong dress for the Emmys, yes." Fab for a brunch or a friend's garden party. Joan zinged one more just for good measure: "Tom Cruise cancelled her audition for his next wife."

Christina Hendricks
, Moss' fellow "Mad Men" actress got alternately slammed for her "boob-a-licious" strapless number, but then again, she is more often than not a controversial fashion pick for the E! panel.

Edie Falco got called out in the show's segment, "Bitch Stole My Look". She wore a Stella McCartney black and white gown that had already been worn twice before on red carpets and not that long ago. Oh the horror!

It's first appearance was on Gwyneth Paltrow and the second time it was worn by Brooklyn Decker. Who do you think the Fashion Police favored on this one.? It wasn't Edie Falco that's for sure.

Worst Dressed:

Giuliana nominated Elizabeth Moss, Kelly put up Julianna Margulies, George K insisted it was Portia de Rossi in a too-short pants suit because the "crotch didn't fit".

Joan ruled from her thrown: Elizabeth Moss. "I hate the dress, hate the shoes. Elizabeth you have ruined a pixie hair cut forever just the way Honey Boo Boo has ruined inbreeding.

Best Dressed

Giuliana insisted it be Julie Bowen, saying it was a perfect "pop of color" and quite unique. Kelly Osbourne gave her pitch for Sofia Vergara, saying, "Someone's got to put a bit of cha-cha back on the red carpet." George voted in favor of Tina Fey.

Joan crowned Tina Fey the Best Dressed of the night, in a stunning upset. She got points for how far she's come in a fashion sense and the fact that her body, gown, hair and jewelry were in perfect symmetry.

Fashion Police airs new episodes each Friday night at 10:00 p.m. on E! Image: E!/Wikipedia


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I agree that Sophia Vergara should have been on your best-dressed list, but I was surprised that you didn't know that her dress was split up (or down) the back during the ceremony -- quite a split in fact that had to somehow be patched. It was shown on one of the entertainment show -- I think it was Billy Bush's show -- earlier in the day. It was/is a beautiful dress but she must have gained a couple of pounds since her last fitting?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Hi Fashion Police, I am submitting the following comments about how you were dressed the night your show aired. Guiliana- Your outfit reminded me of a mariachi costume. I was expecting you to start singing with a mariachi band at any moment. Your hair needed to be pulled back in a bun in order to complete the Mariachi look. Worst Dressed Nominee Kelly- Your haircolor and style completed the School Marm look. Very matronly and boring. Worst Dressed Nominee George- Did you borrow your little sister's cardigan? Not a good look for you. Guest critic- The green wal mart dress was totally outdated and ugly. Joan- Your earrings were too long and did not complement your outdated ,old fashioned ruffled jacket. At times the earrings looked like they were attached to the jacket. I would call this look "old hag fashion ".

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. You are right about the "judges" attire. Although I will admit I liked Joan's hair up, her earrings were way long. Perhaps they don't suit her because she's always sitting and when she stands up they'd be OK. Anyway, the purple hair on Kelly is getting a bit annoying.

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