Joan Rivers rips Daniel Craig's look on Fashion Police

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The Fashion Police were back in session on E! and among their Must See Looks of the week was a dashingly handsome 007, Daniel Craig who didn't hit the right note on the red carpet.

Joan Rivers and company, sans Giuliana Rancic who is still on maternity leave went crazy over some of Hollywood's biggest stars and their looks on the latest edition of E!'s Fashion Police.

Going crazy meant screaming in horror in most cases about the disastrous results when the celebs hit red carpet events.

Daniel Crag in a sharkskin suit by Tom Ford was all over the place this week, attending premieres for his latest film, "Skyfall" that opened last night.

One would think that just the words, "Daniel Craig in sharkskin" would be enough to conjure up perfection in a mix of sexy and dangerous. You would be wrong if you assumed that.

Here's the problem: his tie was askew, the suit looked too tight, the sleeves appeared too short and the shine from camera flashes was blinding.

Joan Rivers: "Is it just me? The jacket looks too short and too tight. I mean, 007 looks like he's a 007 1/2 or a 008. Six pounds more Mr. Craig and you're gonna have to call your cousin Jenny." Yikes!

George Kotsiopoulos
, a stylist in his own right came to Craig's defense by explaining how it appeared that a Tom Ford suit looked so terrible. "Here's the problem. He's wearing a sharkskin suit and the sheen is what's making it look too tight by accentuating the creases in the material."

Then came the lesson for Craig. "Just the way a woman has to pull down a tight skirt to get rid of the wrinkles, a guy needs to pull down his sleeve to make sure his cuff is showing. Look down, straighten out your tie."

Kelly Osbourne:
"Even his tie is off-center. You'd have thought someone with him would have reached over and moved his tie just a little bit. Pull his trousers down so that they fit right.. Do both of the buttons, take your hand out of your pocket and stand up straight. That would have done the trick."

With that savagery over the group decided to give someone a break.

That someone was Britney Spears, usually a target of the Fashion Police venom. Not this time however.

Spears looked fresh, healthy and young at heart on the set of "X-Factor" in a Lulu design. Her hair was styled to include the very hot graduated bangs you've seen on celebs, and her dress got raves.

George K said that Britney deserved Most Improved this week. In a sleeveless mid-thigh length black dress with a big white collar, slim white belt and spray tanned to perfection, she looked ready for the reality competition show.

"She is showing off her arms and legs to perfection. She added this little belt from the runway version of the dress and it works for her." The only criticism voiced was about her choice of shoes which cut off her legs that are not slim by any means.

Will wonders never cease? A good review for Britney. See all the Must See Looks of this past week at the Fashion Police website.

E! airs new episodes of Fashion Police Friday nights at 10:00 p.m. Image: E! Fashion Police

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