Justin Bieber egged in Sydney, Japan tour dates threatened

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Justin Bieber's upcoming concerts in Japan are in danger of being canceled because crew members are fearful of more earthquakes and exposure to radiation.

Bieber's international tour is in full swing and the teen singing sensation has two concerts scheduled for Japan in May. On Tuesday May 17 he will play Osaka and two days later, May 19 he is booked at the iconic Budokan Hall in Tokyo. At the present time, the tour is working its way through Australia and moves on to the Philippines prior to flying to Japan.

Multiple sources are reporting a story originally broken by TMZ.com about a supposed mutiny that is threatening the two Japan dates. The celebrity news site quoted Bieber's manager Scotter Braun as saying, "Man the f**k up and do the right thing by these kids."

"These kids" are the tens of thousands of fans, called Beliebers who plunked down money for tickets and are living in anticipation of seeing their idol in the flesh. The crew sited fears of earthquake or after-shock activity and radiation exposure leading to cancer.

Multiple meetings between the crew and Braun have occurred over the course of the last four days and reportedly an impasse has been reached. Those opposed to setting up shop in Japan use two entertainers who canceled tour stops in that country, to buttress their argument. Avril Lavigne and Slash have bailed out of their scheduled tour dates in Japan. Braun countered that with the news that Maroon 5 intends to soldier on and presumably "Man Up". Braun is insisting that fears of falling sick as a result of exposure to radiation are unfounded.

In the meantime, the center of all this fuss, Justin Bieber himself remains optimistic in his public statements. He tweeted, "Having a moment. Just grateful 2 b here living this life. not gonna waste the opportunity. not gonna be selfish. not gonna get in my own way."

The tour is a juggernaut as it makes its way around the world. At each stop, Justin Bieber's time is apportioned so that he is seen visiting sights of interest and meeting with some famous people. It has the tone of a trip for a visiting head of state.

A website called Justinbiebertour.net reported that while in Israel, the singer met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and was greeted by a tweet from the country's Deputy Foreign Minister, Danny Ayalon.“Welcome Justin Bieber to Israel! I know you will enjoy your time here as much as many Israelis will enjoy having you here.”

There is also a charitable component to the tour stops. In Israel about 700 kids from the southern part of the country, including Sderot, that was impacted by rockets shot over the Gaza border, were invited to see the concert for free.

The latest news out of the tour from its current location, Australia is that an unnamed 17 year-old was arrested for breaking into a concert in Sydney for tossing eggs at the star as he performed. NBC News reported that the suspect was booked at Sydney Children's Court on Thursday, charged with breaking and entering, trespassing and malicious damage.

In the video posted below, you can see Justin and his back-up dancers getting pelted but, forging their way through the song despite egg yolks splashing around them.
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