'As The Kardashians Turn' clears up real life vs. reality

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The Kardashians are in between new seasons of their many reality television shows, but Abe Gurko is helping fans along with a YouTube series spoofing the ladies, As The Kardashians Turn.

The Kardashians don't need extra publicity but PR guru and entertainment insider Abe Gurko decided to bring us behind the scenes of the television shows for the "real" scoop on the family.

As The Kardashians Turn on YouTube makes the point that it's hard to tell what's real life vs. reality television when speaking of the family. The spoof offers its version of what happens when the filming stops.

As TMZ reported today, the Kardashians have to be camera-ready at all times. The celeb gotcha' site posted pictures of Khloe Kardashian Odom in gym clothes without makeup in the morning. Shots taken of her later in the day when she faced paparazzi with her personal stylist are what we're used to seeing.

That's the limit of what we get, photos of workouts and trips to and from the gym. It is about as close as we get to knowing the "real" side of the sisters who live a huge portion of their lives posing for cameras, or facing them inside their homes, autos and places they play.

What As The Kardashians Turn does is take the view of the doubters. How true are their reality programs? The answer is not very much at all.

In episode one, the K sisters are lounging around between scenes hating on each other. The big reveal is that Kourtney's pregnancy is fake. Read: Kourtney pulls Penelope Scotland Disick into the world.

For those that watched Kourtney pull her babies out of her womb on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we know the truth, right? Hmmmm.

Episode two highlights how Kris Jenner insists on living in the spotlight via the efforts of her children. Read: Kris Jenner exposes herself to her children.

It also touches on her marriage to Bruce Jenner. Ever think Bruce's post-surgery face is a bit soft around the edges for a guy? Well Kris Jenner of As The Kardashian Turns thinks so too, calling her husband a lesbian.

The latest posting of episode three focuses on how the girls want to escape the reality television merry-go-round after they shoved the Momager in a rehab.

You'll like the imitation of Kourtney's annoying, nasal voice and the distinct physical differences between Khloe and her two older sisters.

Once you've sampled this guilty pleasure it will be difficult to return to the "real" thing without thinking of As The Kardashians Turn.

All episodes of the show are now available on YouTube.com Image: Wikimedia Commons

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