Kate Middleton tops poll as Hat Person of the Year

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Kate Middleton a/k/a the Duchess of Cambridge was honored by The Headware Association as its Hat Person of the Year, after she garnered the most votes in an online poll.

Others who got votes in The Headware Association poll were stylist to the stars, Rachel Zoe, Charlie Sheen, Justin Timberlake and hip-hop singer Ne-Yo.

Kate Middleton blew away the competition by taking 91% of the votes. Zoe was second with only 4%, Ne-Yo 2% and three tied at 1%: Sheen, Timberlake and singer Bruno Mars.

The Headware Association (THA) is closing in on its 100th year in existence. Founded in 1908 it calls itself "...the oldest fashion trade association in the industry." The THA's mission is to promote hat wearing and the headwear industry throughout the world.

This is the third annual award from the THA. Previous winners are Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt. The Association also created a Headware Hall of Fame. Last autumn it inducted Lady Gaga, Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham, singers LL Cool J, Kid Rock and posthumous inductees, Fred Astaire and Marlene Dietrich.

Kate Middleton has become a fashion industry darling and since her engagement to Prince William has been photographed at least as often as William's deceased mother, Prince Diana.

The Association's particular favorites worn by Middleton are a velvet Cabernet wine colored number that the Duchess sported on Christmas 2011 and a bright red maple leaf design that Kate wore as a tribute to her hosts in Canada.

Middleton had a good 2011 as far as fashion related awards go. She was named best-dressed by Harper's Bazaar magazine and was included on Vanity Fair's international list of fashion leaders.

The lovely British newlywed, just turned the ripe old age of 30 on January 9 and in a rather quiet and small affair, she was feted by Prince William, friends and family. One of her gifts from husband William was a puppy of her very own.

Dreamdogs.com reported on the breed. Kate is the proud owner of a Labrador, a perfect fit for the royals who have the run of residences outside the city with plenty of room for the new family addition to run.

Reportedly, William owned a black Labrador when he was a youngster and has an affinity for the breed.

With Middleton moving past the age of 30 and the couple's first wedding anniversary looming in three months, all can expect the baby talk to begin again in earnest. One thing is for certain however, the lovely Duchess sure knows how to pick and wear hats.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons/Nick Warner

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