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Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kanye is 'content' in all ways

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In the show's season finale, the Kardashians rallied around Kourtney as she gave birth (video posted below), Khloe' as she began fertility treatments and finally Bruce, as his teenagers threw him a bone of support.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians ended the latest season with "Baby, Baby, Baby" and scenes of Kourtney pulling another baby from her womb, as daughter Penelope's head torso emerged from her body.

The birth of Penelope and Scott's stress

Khloe remarked about how her sister repeated the same maneuver as when son Mason was born. "Go for it sister, do your own thing." Kourtney is the least squeamish of the three K sisters. Caution: video is explicit.

Everyone attended the birth and were present for the emergence of the latest Kardashian girl, well at least half a Kardashian. Penelope's last name is Disick.

Speaking of Disick, he was stunned when not-really mother-in-law Kris Jenner congratulated him for being a good daddy to son Mason and spoke of how life will speed up with two children around the house.

Scott had already been through hell and back with Kourtney in a previous show when he went crazy thinking of her wanting a large family. He's not ready for that and this second baby will add more stress. Read: Scott getting snipped?

The infertility and Khloe's fear

Khloe' faced the reality that her lack of producing eggs has to be attended to and began to deal with the problem.

Quite emotional and confused, she prefers not to speak about it. That just isn't going to happen in the Kardashian-Jenner world.

Kim and the family, including hubby Lamar Odom were happy about the discovery. In their opinion the treatment puts Khloe' on the road to recovery, at least according to the doctor. Khloe' is too fearful to express the same hope.

Kim and Kanye

At the lavish baby shower for Kourtney, Kim was escorted by boyfriend Kanye West, who Kimmie wanted to introduce to her late father's side of the family.

In speaking with Khloe', Kanye expressed his contentment with all things related to him and Kim, as the couple eyed each other from across the room. Kim looked stunningly pretty in a baby pink dress that didn't cling to every curve or feature a plunging neckline.

It was appropriate for a summer afternoon affair. Might she not want to look like that a bit more? Just saying.

Bruce gets some respect

Patriarch of the K-J clan, Bruce Jenner was let down by the selfishness of his teen daughters Kylie and Kendall. Read: Kylie and Kendall revolt.

They expressed no interest in joining him and two of his older kids Brandon and Brody, as Bruce was celebrated for his Olympic decathlon gold medal of 40 years ago.

Past American track and field heroes gathered at the site of the Olympic trials and were welcomed by cheering crowds. They could also cast their eyes on a small museum that is an ode to their exploits.

Bruce has tried so hard to carve out an identity in the family and it hurt him that the girls he calls his "gold medals" took no interest in what made him the man he was.

After the fact, Kylie and Kendall feel embarrassed by their half-brother when he told them of their dad's sadness.

To make up for it they spent their own money to buy replica Jenner jerseys and surprise their dad. The biggest treat was that they agreed to go to London with him as he worked as a correspondent for E! News during the Olympic games.

Their big sacrifice was spending weeks in London as opposed to staying home in Calabasas with their pals. London was the center of the celeb and sporting world in August yet they had to be shamed into agreeing to go.

Bruce, as always was willing to take what he gets and while he can't really express himself well, viewers can all see his emotional side.

What's next?

As the credits rolled at episode's end we were reminded that come January it will be time to travel to South Beach for another season of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami. has already zeroed in on the photos of what they believe is the mansion the girls have rented for their stay. With kids and nannies in tow, Kourtney has decided that a hotel isn't the best place for everyone to stay for the months-long shoot.

E! will replay episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians for those who missed the action this season. Check your the site or local television listings for date and time.

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