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'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Kourtney needs her epidural

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The family was all over the map in the latest episode, as the girls dragged mom Kris to see her own mother after two years and Kourtney got convinced that a water birth at home wasn't for her.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians proved difficult during last night's episode "Mothers and Daughters." Medical issues were front and center when Kris Jenner iced her face after a nighttime assault by hubby Bruce.

Bruce Jenner is a sleep assaulter.

It was inadvertent we were assured and resulted from Bruce Jenner flailing his arms while he slept. It wasn't the first time it happened and Kris threatened to push him out of the bedroom once again if he didn't have it taken care of.

What's fascinating about watching this maddening but addictive show is that reactions to things that can be truly serious are somewhat offhand and casual, while emotional issues that are not uncommon are blown up.

"I'm sorry," Bruce said to Kris while shrugging his shoulders and claiming there was nothing he could do about it. Apparently he wanted to stay in the master bedroom and after a night at a sleep clinic revealed his behavior on video, his remedy was to put a sling on the offending arm and refuse further testing.

Kris Jenner saw Todd Waterman but not her mother.

Jenner lives two hours from her mother and had not been to her home in two years, according to her and the girls. Meanwhile her mother has been dealing with the aftermaths of cancer treatments and getting frail. Read: Kris Jenner admits Todd Waterman meeting

The Kardashian girls threw her in the Range Rover for an overnight despite her protestations that she had no time in her busy schedule.

We learned that Kris is afraid to face her mother's condition and cried about losing her. Yet, as Khloe' correctly pointed out, Jenner gave her grief when she missed Christmas because her husband had moved to Dallas. Khloe' can't please Kardashian clan after return to L.A. with Lamar

Kris Jenner almost blew up her marriage by taking time to see ex-boyfriend Todd Waterman, but has avoided visiting her mother who lives alone in La Jolla, California, outside San Diego. You want to know what else Kris Jenner has time for? Home remodeling, read that here.

Kourtney realizes she wants an epidural.

After Kourtney and hubby Scott Disick decide they want to explore the possibility of a home water birth attended by mid-wives she wanted to see one in action.

It's pretty clear that no matter how intrusive or private a matter, producers of reality television like Keeping Up With the Kardashians can find someone who will agree to be filmed in the most delicate of conditions.

Kourtney, accompanied by sister Khloe', who like Kim isn't in favor of the idea, went to see an actual birth at some stranger's home. Khloe' was so uncomfortable about what she was watching that she began to clean the couple's kitchen just to keep herself busy.

Kourtney sat in front of the action, riveted to the sights and the sounds of the birthing mother's screams and moans. It was enough to convince her that she would prefer her epidural in a hospital setting. Not surprising.

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Keeping Up With the Kardashians airs on E! each Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. ET with replays throughout the week. Image: Wikipedia

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