Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kylie and Kendall revolt

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On the most recent episode of E!'s Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kris Jenner's skills as a mother were exposed once again. Kylie and Kendall could no longer keep up with regular high school classes.

Home schooling was one of the big topics of the night on Keeping Up With the Kardashians because as we learned, Kris Jenner has both Kendall and Kylie working full-time jobs.

They are modeling, contributing as fashion consultants to Seventeen Magazine and traveling to photo shoot locations while trying to keep up their grades at high school.

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The matter came to an ugly head as the school year drew to a close. Kris Jenner learned that her teen daughters are experiencing stress to such a degree that one has anxiety attacks and the other is suffering skin rashes.

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As E! cameras rolled Kylie jumped out of her mother's car on the way to school and headed back home. She was afraid to fail a final exam and her mother had refused to believe she was too ill to attend school that day.

After being dragged out of bed and continuing to plead her case in the car, only her escape to the sidewalk worked to get Kris' full attention on the problem.

Kendall didn't resort to the same dramatic action but kept up a loud and long-running nag session to try and prove the sisters' point.

They have fallen so far behind in their studies from missed school days that when they return to class they are unable to follow the lessons.

Their test scores have fallen and both girls are embarrassed and angry about it.

Kris Jenner thinks they should be able to study during their work assignments and then work hard at catching up when they return home. She won't listen to them when they say it isn't possible.

Not having dealt with this in the past with the three Kardashian girls, Kris Jenner made it seem as if she was unaware that show business kids who work, get private tutors assigned to them while traveling.

Viewers got a glimpse of one of the sisters getting hair and makeup done as the stylist ordered her to stop reading and look straight ahead.

Even Bruce Jenner didn't side with his daughters about getting home schooled, leaving the decision up to the Momager. As the episode concluded, the Jenners agreed that tutors would be hired for the teens as they move into the world of full-time wage earners.

Should the girls have informed Kris a lot earlier about the physical effects of the stress?

Sure, but Kris Jenner's inability to connect the dots between their careers and school performance was just as as much to blame.

One can only speculate that Kris' blind spot had something to do with the fact that she didn't want to face her part in running her daughters ragged.

What is your guess about Kris' cluelessness? Should she have kept Kylie and Kendall off the family payroll a bit longer if she so dearly wanted them to have a typical high school experience? The comments section is open for you.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I can't believe Kris Jenner has her kids working. She can't wait until they are out of school. I can't believe she is so full of herself that she doesn't realize she is pimping out her kids. What mother does that to her kids at a young age. She should keep the kids in school until they graduate. It just seems that this family is money hungry.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Kris Jenner should really be fired as a mom!!!!! She is totally out of touch with her daughters, and seems to be so wrapped up in herself that she doesnt even realize her teenage daughters are overworked. They are teenage girls that should be able to do one thing, and that would be to go to school. It seems to me that going to school should be there job, not working outside. They have the rest of there lives to work, they certainly dont need to work while in HS. I believe that according to the girls, they had been telling there mom for a while they were having a hard timekeeping up at school. She just doesnt want to hear any of it. All Kris is interested in is lining her pocketbook!!! Teenagers should have only one job, that would be to go to school, and enjoy all that school has to offer, and not worry about working. Shame shame shame on Kris. She needs to go and take a class on how to parent teenage girls, 101. They are also totally over exposed on the Kardashian show and so is Mason. He's totally too young to get so much exposure.

Submitted by Pam (not verified) on
Watching tonights show was frustrating to me. Watching mom Jenner allow her self to be played by two young girls about school was just nerve racking. I mean really; letting your kids talk to you the way they do, they have no RESPECT at all. The fact that you let them do it is teaching them they can do what they want,and get whatever they want, as long as they pitch a big enough fit. All the while being on their cell phones while you think your having a parental talk with them. Shame on them and on you as a parent. Care less about their careers and more about teaching them RESPECT for others. Because how it looks on this show they have NONE and act like entitled brats. Just sayin.

Pam, I was thinking about the girls gaming their Mom when I watched the episode and noted the same disrespect that you did. I don't think Kylie and Kendall show the same amount of respect to Kris as the three oldest girls.

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