Kim Cattrall slams press for age bias, promoting 'Meet Monica Velour'

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Kim Cattrall got angry with New York media at her film premiere for making her feel old and "marginalized", while admitting she might be just a bit tipsy.

Cattrall, 54 was promoting her film, "Meet Monica Velour" in which she portrays an aging porno star who has a romantic scene with 21 year-old actor Dustin Ingram. When asked if Ingram had any reaction to kissing a 54 year-old, Cattrall got angry and lashed out.

"You know, as a woman, I really find those questions offensive. As a woman, I find that really embarrassing [for you] to ask that. Ask me about being a woman," she told the New York Daily News. "Do you know what it's like to be 54 and marginalized? It doesn't get easier as you get older."

Her earlier dust-up had been with a columnist for the rival New York Post and she admitted that she'd had just a bit to drink prior to facing the microphones.

Kim Cattrall had to gain 25 pounds to play the porn star in "Meet Monica Velour" and was very open about how wonderful it felt not to diet for what she said was the first time in 25 years. She claims she packed it on in six weeks with booze and food at various bars in and around the shooting location in Detroit.

"It was actually kind of a relief," Cattrall told a reporter during promotional interviews in support of the movie."It was like getting rid of the Barbie doll and throwing it out and starting again."

The actress played Samantha Jones in the "Sex and the City" television program and two motion pictures from 1998-2010. In her portrayal of a single woman who was never interested in settling down, Cattrall's character was older than the other three female characters in the group. There were occasions in the scripts during which it was noted that Samantha was sensitive about that fact and she actually lied about her age on occasion.

In a case of life imitating art, Cattrall got a bit peeved after a reference to the difference between her age and that of her young co-star. Unfortunately for her, it isn't out of the realm of reasonability to think that if the genders were reversed, the older actor would have surely been asked about being 33 years older than a young ingenue co-star.

This is the second film in which Cattrall has starred since the "Sex and the City" movie sequel was released last year. She played the personal assistant and love interest of a former British Prime Minister played by Pierce Brosnan in Roman Polanski's film, "The Ghost Writer."

In promoting this second film, Cattrall made a point of saying that while playing Samantha for more than a decade was a blessing, she has no intention of letting audiences believe she can't play any other type of role. Reminding the public that she has been a working actress since her late teens, Cattrall said, "Before 'Sex and the City' I was a working actress, and hopefully I'll be until I can't talk or move."

"Meet Monica Velour" hits theaters April 8.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons, Kim Cattrall, 2009

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