Kim Kardashian, Marie Osmond play 'Ask Dr. Oz'

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Dr. Mehmet Oz helped Kim Kardashian, Marie Osmond and Jeopardy host Alex Trebek answer questions about preventive medicine and treatment for various aliments.

On the latest "Ask Dr. Oz" segment of the physician's Emmy Award winning television show, Dr. Oz, three famous and busy celebrities appeared either live via satellite or in studio to get help for a variety of problems.

Alex Trebek, host since 1984 of Jeopardy, admits to having endured many surgeries throughout his life including one to treat carpal tunnel syndrome in his left wrist.

Unfortunately the pain has returned to that same wrist and doctors have told him he is having a "bone on bone" problem. Why, Trebek asks Dr. Oz, could this be happening. The doctor demonstrated what carpal tunnel syndrome looks like when surgeons open up a patient to treat it.

Pressure is relieved around the nerves in the wrist that has been impinged on, causing numbing, tingling and pain. While many patients opt for surgery Dr. Oz suggests some simple physical therapy techniques to help with the pain and ease the compression of the nerves.

Marie Osmond has been able to maintain her 50 pound weight loss thanks to the NutriSystem diet plan, but is having trouble coming up with a filling snack that doesn't sabotage her new figure and is healthy enough to give to her eight kids.

Dr. Oz whips up a heavenly concoction called his Brazilian avocado shake telling Marie and his audience that kids need fats, as we all do, but kids need it more as they grow. The shake contains healthy fats and is delicious tasting.

Pour two cups of low-fat milk in a blender, then add a large ripe avocado that has been sliced into pieces, making it easier to combine with the ingredients. Throw in two tablespoons of honey or half that amount of agave, depending on your preference, blend it for about 30 seconds and you've got a snack that is filling, healthy and good for the whole family.

Kim Kardashian, corporate magnate of the Kardashian family empire came into the studio to the delight of the live audience asking about acid reflux, which plagued her father Robert.

Her Dad died at a young age from a case of esophageal cancer after suffering terrible acid reflux along with a hiatal hernia. Kim wanted to know if the reflux condition caused the cancer.

Dr. Oz demonstrates with help of a video the origins of reflux and how when a person goes to bed, the stomach acid spills into the esophagus and burns the lining. Over time it reaches a stage where the stomach lining protrudes into the chest by piercing a part of the diaphragm.

The burned area of skin festers and creates scar tissue, he tells Kim and can be the direct cause of esophageal cancer. What makes that type of cancer so deadly is that symptoms are treated with acid reflux medication, without knowing that cancerous cells are growing. Many times, the disease is not discovered until it is at a stage that makes it incurable.

Link to Marie Osmond video clip, here

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