Kitchen tools made easy for one-handed and elderly

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How do you cook or even do simple things around the kitchen when you don't have full use of both hands?

Food preparation and cooking seem second nature to those who are able bodied.

Preparing food, even opening cans, becomes difficult if not impossible once that is no longer true.

When a friend lost the use of his one arm after a stroke, I was introduced to a few tools in the kitchen that I had never known about.

One of these handy kitchen tools is marketed for those who need help in the kitchen, the other is not, but it sure does the trick.

Alaskan Ulu knives

The Ulu knife is taken from a design native to the state of Alaska and the Inupiat people.

It has a natural wood handle with a cut-out at the top of its curved blade that places the cutting power at the center of the knife, as it rocks back and forth.

The Ulu product site stresses the utility of it. "Because the rocking motion used when cutting on a plate or board with an ulu pins down the food being cut, it is also easier to use an ulu one-handed (a typical steak knife, in contrast, requires a fork)."

It rests in a piece of wood designed to allow it to stand up, ready to use

One Touch Can Opener

The One Touch products website is specific about the purpose of what it makes and sells.

It set out to simplify things and make kitchen tools, as their slogan says, "Simple To Use By Everyone."

"'In 2005, One Touch pioneered a unique, hands-free can opener aimed at transforming the lives of the growing number of elderly people with weak or arthritic hands. This patented, One Touch Can Opener has gone on to sell 12 million units worldwide and won five major international awards for design and quality."

The product was recognized by Business Week as one of the 50 Coolest Products of the 21st Century.

It operates on AA batteries and is aimed at standard size round cans. Watch the video posted below.

Ergonomically shaped like a computer mouse, the One Touch has a large black button at one end and the bottom hooks on the rim of cans needing to be opened.

It circles the top of the can and stops when its job is done. It easily lifts off as does the top of the can opened and wonder of wonders, there are no sharp edges to worry about.

Both products are available at the manufacturers' site as well as online shopping sites.

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