Kris Jenner's need to see Todd Waterman stuns Kardashian girls

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Keeping Up With the Kardashians delved into the very touchy subject of why Kris Jenner will not dismiss the invitation of ex-flame Todd Waterman despite family disapproval.

Kris Jenner tried the idea out on her four oldest kids, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Rob Kardashian who are united in wondering what their mother could be thinking.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians can be maddening at times when the family seems to be unaware of how the rest of the world conducts their lives, but when the subject seems to be so clear like opening old wounds for everyone, the Kardashians shine.

Kris Jenner's only co-conspirator if you want to look at it that way is her business associate Noelle, who is ecstatic to play along in a juvenile game of "did he email me and what should I do about it?"

Jenner ran into Waterman at a tennis lesson and not by accident. She spied someone that looked like him at the facility, asked her instructor who it was and when she was told it was the man who ended her marriage to Robert Kardashian, she knew she had to exchange words with him.

Words were not the only things exchanged. Jenner and Waterman engaged in a hug that Todd admitted made him not want to break the embrace. They both flattered each other about how good they looked and the expected awkwardness of having to say goodbye ended with hope of future contact.

Jenner learned that the former boyfriend had attempted to contact her by email but of course with her life changing in a radical way, Kris has changed email addresses.

While the former Mrs. Kardashian politely refused to take his information, she gladly gave Todd hers which in reality is Noelle's email address. The obligatory email arrives and Noelle and Kris act like high school girls over what it says, how to respond and what it means.

Jenner comes clean to husband Bruce Jenner about the meet up and the hug but is mum on the email. He is less than pleased. She then proceeds to try out the idea of seeing Waterman with her children from the marriage to Kardashian, explaining that she feels the need to clear the air.

Of what exactly they want to know, all coming down on the side of it being dangerous to her relationship with Bruce and wondering why their mother can't let a 20 year-old love affair out of her system.

The maturity level of Kris Jenner on a business level is one thing, but when it comes to affairs of her own heart, her kids seem to make her look just plain silly

When Kim gets a hunch that her mom is all dolled up for no reason for what she claims is a regular morning of meetings, she gets Rob in one of their over-sized SUV's and they attempt to follow Kris.In true Kardashian family fashion the two end up following the wrong car.

The other action on last night's episode surrounded Kourtney and Scott's lack of a social life. Due to her pregnancy and her early bedtime, Scott is feeling a bit cooped up.

Even Kourtney's plan of having her sister Kim accompany her live-in backfires because the two seem to enjoy the nightlife together and remain out way too late for Kourtney's taste.

Over in Calabasas, the young Jenner girls act their ages when spaghetti is dropped on expensive and light colored carpet. Do they hide it or try to clean it? The scenes of them attempting stain removal with heavy equipment are pathetic and of course, they make the matter worse.

When they admit the mistake to their mother, her lack of anger is the telltale sign to Kim that something out of the ordinary is going on. It is then she decides to tail her mother as if they were in some detective television show.

Exciting scenes from next Sunday's installment of Keeping Up With the Kardashians hints that a Kris and Todd meeting occurred by Bruce is unaware of it.

Image: Wikimedia Commons/Rubenstein


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Kris Jenner is lucky to have such a wonderful loving husband. She totally takes him for granted. It is always about her and what she wants/needs. She is so disrespectful to him. She needs to grow up. She is not 20. She needs to learn from her past mistakes.

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