LaGarrette Blount's Punch Downplayed by Titan's Coach Fisher

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LaGarrette Blount made news on Thursday when he punched the helmet of a teammate during a Tennessee Titan's pre-season practice. His head coach, Jeff Fisher has excused it as a typical act of frustration.

Blount, an undrafted running back prospect is infamous for a hard punch he threw at the end of a game in September 2009, while he was attending the University of Oregon. He sucker punched an opposing team's player and was suspended for eight games, rendering his senior year a worthless exercise if measured by his NFL 2010 Draft prospects.

He was invited to the Titans' camp and is hoping to catch on despite a national reputation that is not even close to stellar. The Titans' incident occurred after Blount's helmet came off his head during a drive near the goal line. There was the typical pushing and shoving and then the punch to the face mask of defensive end Eric Bakhtiari.

Blount apologized to Coach Fisher because he had promised never to punch another man on the field of play. Fisher decided to make light of it when he spoke to media. He pointed out that it wasn't the first punch during camp and it won't be the last. He attributed interest in it to Blount's suspension and the furor that surrounded it.

LaGarrette Blount Defended by Jeff Fisher

"He apologized, and I said he didn't have to apologize," Fisher said. "It's football. It's training camp."

On the play that sparked Wednesday's scuffle, Blount said his helmet had been intentionally pulled off the play before. Then his helmet came off again. Blount directly addressed the situation with media. "I got into one of those situations where the defense pushed me too far. With training camp and everything going the way it is and being as intense as it is and me being a rookie, it was just something I shouldn't have done. But I did it."

Bakhtiari, with a towel draped over his head, declined to comment to reporters in the locker room, but a fellow member of the back field had Blount's back. Fullback Ahmard Hall called Blount's reaction just the intensity of training camp.

"If anybody else was to get mad, there wouldn't be a question. It would just be a guy getting mad. LeGarrette Blount gets mad, everybody wants to bring up his past. Guys pushed him. He reacted. It has nothing to do with what happened to him in the past," Hall said.

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