Magnum bars, don't even try to resist

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Magnum bars lure you in, take hold and never let go. The luxury oozes from the packaging itself. How does that happen?

Magnum has more than seven million Likes on Facebook. It's easy to understand.

The luscious, sumptuous, rich ice cream's maker has successfully overcome the fact that it is a diet-buster waiting to happen.

It also has distinguished Magnum ice cream from other luxury brands in the market.

Here are just a few ways the advertising/marketing efforts make you drop all resistance and just give in.

The Magnum dress

A Zac Posen design, the dress is valued at $1.5 million and is covered in 24-carat gold sequins. Let that sink in for a moment. What do you do with a Magnum dress?

You use it in a short film that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, starring Joe Manganiello. Gold is the color that bursts out of the ice cream's packaging, emerging from shades of rich chocolate brown.

Fashion Industry tie-in

A brand that shells out for a $1.5 million dress has to have a connection to the fashion industry. Magnum linked up with designers to shine a spotlight on their collections as models who might sneak a Magnum bar once in a while, strutted their stuff.

The Trump connection

The Toronto Star reported that when Magnum debuted in Canada, Ivanka Trump was retained for the rollout publicity in Toronto. Nothing says luxury more than young Ms. Trump.

Is it all runways and movie premieres for Magnum? Nope, there are more traditional methods in the bag of marketing tricks.

Some London taxis carry digital ads on the roofs of their cabs, one of which is for Magnum ice cream's latest flavors, which are inspired by French patisseries, according to Ad Age.

Understanding the lure of ice cream in general, the ads only display when the temperature rises to a certain level.

Magnum's appeal can even transcend the barrier of a freezer door at home or nestled inside grocery store frozen food aisles.

At a local Weight Watchers meeting, a long-time member admitted that she had fallen off the wagon one week, all due to Magnum ice cream.

Buying a carton with multiple bars wasn't a great idea, she said. While she didn't eat them all in one sitting, she polished them off quickly, realizing that she had blown through all her routines and resolutions.

Was it worth it, she was asked? Yes and no. If you're going to blow the program off, why not do it in the most sinful way? The damage done would take more than a week to reverse.

Some members had not succumbed to Magnum at that time and asked the chastened member to describe it. The word "luxurious" was uttered and that's the key to the brand's advertising and marketing.

The Magnum dress, film premiere, designer fashion shows have convinced a large audience that when you go for expensive premium ice cream, you go for Magnum.

The temptation is only getting greater as Magnum adds new flavors and new twists on its Magnum Classic ice cream bars. Are you ready?

Link to designer sketch of the Magnum dress.

Image: Unilever/Magnum