Mariah Carey, other celebs out at Jenny Craig

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Jenny Craig has a new national TV ad and there is no Mariah Carey, Valerie Bertinelli or Queen Latifah to be found.

Celeb fatigue or the inability to remember who is endorsing which program may account for the decision reports Ad Age.

Jenny Craig's parent Nestle' admitted that sales are slumping. Bloomberg News reported yesterday on the woes of other big name weight-loss programs.

“The entire weight-loss category is going through a transition during a difficult economic environment,” says Edie Burge, a spokeswoman for Nestlé. Weight Watchers’ chief financial officer, Nicholas Hotchkin.blamed free smartphone apps, while NutriSystem's spokesperson pointed to nothing in particular.

Will it help revenue to stop offering the photos and videos of celebrities who shed pounds and now wear bikinis like Valerie Bertinelli, or skin-tight dresses like Mariah Carey and Jennifer Hudson?

After a while can anyone recall which body recovered from weight gain using which program?

How to attack the problem is not clear but Jenny Craig's decision is an about-face. The new ad is all about the food, the one-on-one support and a poke at Weight Watchers' PointsPlus program. No need to count points when Jenny Craig's food is pre-portioned for you.

Jenny Craig is ready to roll out more flexible plans for busy people on-the-go, even offering the ability to buy the food on an as needed basis as well as what Weight Watchers has done for some time, going to an online model for those who choose it.

The dangers of using a celeb endorser is that once the contract is up and the millions have been paid, creeping weight gain can make a program seem useless. Then there is the case of Jessica Simpson and Weight Watchers.

Paid an enormous sum of money, Simpson signed on and took off 60 pounds of baby weight and more. The outcry from the public after her first ads were unveiled emanated from critics who noted that the singer/actress sported a big blouse that covered her upper body. It wasn't a bikini they cried, or even a sleeveless, body hugging dress. Then she got pregnant again.

At some point it becomes useless to remember which weight-loss program was used. At least that is what Jenny Craig seems to have concluded.

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