Mary Tyler Moore picks up SAG Award, despite failing health

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Mary Tyler Moore stood at the podium at Sunday night's 2012 SAG Awards show, as attendees gave her an extended standing ovation despite persistent rumors that she was gravely ill.

The award winning actress, now 75 years of age had been introduced by long time television buddy Dick Van Dyke.

The video tribute reminded the audience of her beauty, her comedy and musical chops as well as her status as the first woman to carry a scripted television comedy show on her own, depicting someone who wasn't a wife and/or mother.

When the video concluded, Mary Tyler Moore was already standing at center stage at the podium, having been escorted there while the film rolled. Her acceptance speech was short and heartfelt, but her halting speech and the obvious necessity of a teleprompter gave pause to those that hoped to see her in better health.

The National Enquirer, long known for over the top predictions and scandalous back stories about celebrities and politicians, has stuck to its story about Moore, that she is in her last days.

The tabloid's credibility has taken an uptick in the recent past, beginning with the story about John Edwards' mistress and love child.

Now it reports that only seven months ago, Moore underwent brain surgery to remove a benign tumor that had impinged on her optic nerve, clouding her already weak eyesight that resulted from her diabetic condition.

The N.Y. Daily news covered the operation at the time and happily reported that Moore's spokesperson said all went well and that no additional treatment would be necessary. The condition had existed for some 11 years prior to her decision to go under the knife.

Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in her early thirties, Moore managed to remain healthy by being vigilant about her diet, exercise and medication program.

She served as the international chairman of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation since 1984 and has repeatedly testified before Congress in support of increased funding for diabetes research
Mary Tyler Moore reportedly was seriously ill in November, requiring hospitalization to deal with a diabetes related blood and urine condition. Many believed the lovely Moore would not make it to the SAG Awards stage after more weight loss on her already frail frame.

But, appear she did and as the show business veteran and trooper that she is, dazzled an audience who knows how many barriers Moore broke down for future generations of actresses. Image: Wikimedia Commons/Alan Light


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