Mike Shanahan's treatment of McNabb explained by Jake 'the Snake' Plummer

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Jake Plummer played quarterback for the Denver Broncos under head coach Mike Shanahan. He is in a position to cast light on the strange way Donovan McNabb was handled and spoken about, this week. It's all about recreating the Elway years for Shanahan.

In a rambling interview with Yahoo! Sports, Plummer talked about what his life is like now. His competitive fire is still there, despite walking away from a final year on a contract that would have paid him $5.7 million. Unlike the edgy Plummer, who had problems with media and fans alike, the 2010 version is happy, about 20 pounds lighter and not ready to give up the sport that moves the needle for him; that sport is handball.

Plummer told Yahoo! he and his brother were taught the game by their father. He plays three or four times a week and just finished competing in the third annual "Jake Plummer Halloween Handball Bash" near his home in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Jake Plummer could never please Broncos coach Mike Shanahan

After six years in the Arizona Cardinals organization, Mike Shanahan and the Broncos came calling. Still trying to replicate the Super Bowl winning years he enjoyed with Hall of Fame quarterback, John Elway, Shanahan took Jake Plummer and turned him into a nervous wreck. He got the team to the playoffs, losing twice in the first round and then to the eventual Super Bowl winners, the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC title game,

Here is his assessment of what makes Shanahan a tough guy to work for. "...it was never good enough for him." "...Shanahan wanted perfection and he wore a lot of us down there. I think Shanahan is still searching for John Elway. He coached a team to almost perfect so he wanted that again. He wanted that every time we went out there. It's just not realistic."

The difference between wanting perfection and expecting it from every athlete, no matter their level of competence is an easy way to drive you crazy. Who is to say if Donovan McNabb is working as hard as he can in a Redskins uniform? Whether he is or not, one thing is for certain, he is not now, nor will he ever be John Elway. Just ask Jake Plummer.

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