'Million Dollar Listing L.A.' Josh Altman called out on attire

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The agents of Million Dollar Listing L.A. were mired in problems with their sellers. The collapse of the real estate market made them cranky and who better to blame than Josh Altman, Madison and Josh Flagg?

UPDATE----August 9, 2012-----Josh Altman is a rapper. Yes, you read that write. Check out his music video of "I Sell The Dream", complete with Heather in gold bikini. Here.
It's not that the homes featured in the latest episode "Shark Out of Water" didn't live up to the show's title of Million Dollar Listing, it's that the number of millions was too low for sellers.

Homes in the luxury areas in and around Beverly Hills, Malibu and Pacific Palisades still appreciate in value despite the current condition: they just haven't risen as high as sellers would like. In some cases, the final selling price could be less than they paid if one adds in the cost of improvements made to the interior and the property.

As the agents struggled to manage the expectations of their sellers, their personal lives intruded into their busy days. Fans of the Bravo show wouldn't want it any other way.

Josh Altman and Heather vs. Madison Hildebrand

When we last left our combatants they had yet to resolve the fight over commissions for Heather after Madison fired her from his agency. She was told to stop calling him and to speak through a lawyer if necessary. Watch the video of the cat fight

Altman showed up at another open house to try and get Hildebrand to back off. Did anyone really think that would work? The struggle continues.

While he was acting as his girlfriend's advocate, he was in a tug of war with a seller whose property in Hermosa Beach, California would result in a net loss for him if he chose to sell it at that moment. It was ugly between Josh and John the seller because they share personality traits. Both are confident, aggressive and not used to losing. While Josh had correctly pegged the ultimate selling price during the listing meeting, the seller was none too happy to be wrong.

To add insult to injury, the seller looked disgusted and said as much when Altman showed up for the listing appointment in jeans, athletic shoes and a polo shirt. Heather had informed him that agents in the beach communities don't wear custom made suits. Oops, Heather strikes again.

Josh Flagg loves Rodeo Drive

It's all location, location, location Flagg tells his assistant . When push came to shove on a home situated on the iconic street, a buyer stepped up to pay close to list price. It shocked Flagg but pleased the seller's agent who made it tough on Josh by listing the home for the bottom-line price she'd accept. Read: Even a facial doesn't have to stop business

The house was oddly designed and turned off most people at $2.995 million but as the saying goes, "There's a lid for every pot." On the personal side, Flagg has gone kicking and screaming into a healthy lifestyle to please partner Colton.

The scene of him at a gym with a trainer was classic. His facial expression never changed, whether he was doing crunches or cardio.He hates it like he hates eating healthy, but with him considering a family and marriage he seems to be willing to deal with the lack of comfort level. He surely loves Colton.

Madison Hildebrand is always in crisis

Between him being doused with wine by Heather at an open house and her announcing to former clients that she had split from Madison, the Malibu property specialist had to give bad news to his own seller.

A mammoth property In Pacific Palisades owned by a film executive was co-listed to double the exposure for what both agents knew was an unrealistic asking price. Madison and the other agent worked their tails off with all their contacts to no avail.

A testy meeting at which the seller grudgingly agreed to lower the price resulted in Madison realizing that there was a lack of trust between them. When the property finally got an offer in response to the new price it came in hundreds of thousands lower.

It helped a bit that Madison had a partner to explain the situation and a deal was done, but it's doubtful the seller will spread good cheer about his experience. A sneak peek at some scenes from the next episode of Million Dollar Listing L.A. seems to indicate a death in the Hildebrand family. Stay tuned.

Million Dollar Listing L.A. airs new episodes on Bravo Wednesday nights. There is plenty more to learn at the show's website where the agents post personal blogs. Image: Wikimedia Commons


Submitted by Karma (not verified) on
I chuckled when Josh got the meeting and was schooled on how RA's or anyone in business should dress. Her advice would have been right though had the HO been a local but he wasn't so she wasn't.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
an interesting spin on that whole thing with John, the "seller" criticizing Josh Altman's dress..... I knew both those guys personally in college (Syracuse class of 2001) and they were both close friends (Josh and John), yet acted like they had never met before on the show which tells me the whole thing is staged....NO LIE!!!!

Wow, well they sure did a good job of looking like they disdained each other. Can you dish a bit more?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
There is a lot more back-story that I could dish about both those guys and their histories, etc, but I don't want to publicly incriminate them or the show too much as they are both pretty good guys in general and I have thoroughly enjoyed the show. One thing I can reveal is that the seller's full name is John Gabayzadeh and if you google around, you may find some interesting info. His character on the show was definitely played up quite a bit from the guy i knew, but it has been a while. Josh Altman on the other hand is exactly the same on the show as I remember him. Either way, it's good to see that they both appear to be doing well.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I checked the property out and the history. #1 the sellor was not that guy in Rolls nor was it his family. #2 the buyer was not the guy at moto art. The buyer is someone completely 100% different. This show is totally fabricated. Maybe the buyer used this as an opportunity to advertise his business. The house sold in March of 2012 for 3million.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
wow, that really takes the fakeness of it all to another level. who were the real buyer and seller? makes me wonder if any of the sales on that show are legit

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Looks like the buyer was/is a custom home property developer out of the San Fernando Valley. I don't really care that they change the names etc. The show is entertaining. I do think they should screen their guest characters better. Another Character fromthe last season that leased the zen house as a 2nd home in the hollywood hills home was a fake too....

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Wow You are right. I did google that guy. From what is written, I can surmise this guy and his family are total Dou.bags. Glad his mess is on the other coast. Why havent they seized assets to clean up that hazardous waste?

Submitted by Karma (not verified) on
If you look at that scene knowing the above info then it becomes funny, an old friend ragging on his buddy. This show is part of the "reality" genre which hasn't been real since about 2yrs (give or take, depending on the show) since the genre appeared during the writers strike. News of 'staged' shows should surprise no one when it comes to these. I watch with that knowledge in the back of my mind, still enjoying some of the characters. Can't wait to see Judith Flagg next week, that lady is a riot!


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