Million Dollar Listing L.A. season finale, Heather's big night?

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Million Dollar Listing L.A. wraps its season tonight on Bravo with open questions for Heather. Can she mend fences with Madison while boyfriend Josh Altman takes the relationship to a higher level?

Where has this season gone on Million Dollar Listing L.A.? The Bravo reality program that centers on three young, successful and confident realtors who cater to the rich and famous has flown by.

In tonight's season finale, entitled "Big Listings, Big Losses" some loose ends look to be tied up for Josh Altman, Madison Hildebrand and Josh Flagg, with Heather Bilyeu along for the ride.

Update: Big money was made and love conquered all in the finale aired last night.

We've seen Josh Flagg come to grips with his out of condition body and cholesterol level of 260 by bowing to pressure from partner Colton. Flagg has changed his diet and activity level but is he ready for more?

In a sweet scene during an anniversary dinner, Colton put his cards on the table. After four years together he wanted to know that life will progress to include children and marriage.

Flagg was blindsided but remained as calm as he could. At the tender age of 26, moving from his high-rise and becoming a father were things that weren't even on his radar.

Josh Altman has said that he and Heather have decided it is time to take "that next step", which could be a professional or a personal partnership. The couple has become closer as a result of Altman's defense of her position against Madison Hildebrand.

As a way of maximizing his fame and to create his own brand, Altman just released "I Sell The Dream", a music video that includes the lovely Heather in a gold bikini. Watch for yourself below.

Say what you will about Altman, but he certainly fights for his lady, including demanding payment of $7,000 in commissions he believes she is owed after being fired by Madison.

The other side of that argument is just as passionately set out by Madison Hildebrand. Believing he was lied to by Heather who he thinks was disloyal to him, he steadfastly refuses to pay commissions after terminating her for cause.

Madison lost his beloved dog Rex after 15 years and in tonight's season finale, Heather attends a memorial service for Rex, to show her former boss she understands his grief. Will her gesture be welcomed?

Hildebrand is also in the midst of trying to save a relationship with a disgruntled loyal client. He is very displeased about the Malibu based realtor's inability to find an investment property for him to flip and is threatening to pull his business.

Million Dollar Listing L.A. season finale will air tonight on Bravo at 9:00 p.m. ET Image: Wikipedia


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Not quite sure what I think about this video.

I just found a notation on the YouTube page for the video that all proceeds are being donated to a pet charity of Altman's. Does that help?

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