Million Dollar Listing L.A.'s Madison grieving, Altman prowling

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As the season is about to come to a close on Million Dollar Listing L.A. Madison Hildebrand is facing a stinging defeat on the business side and coping with the loss of his beloved Rex.

UPDATE----Josh Altman is a rapper. Yes, you heard that right. Check out his music video of "I Sell The Dream." complete with girlfriend Heather in a gold bikini. Here.
The Bravo series has flown by this season with Million Dollar Listing L.A.'s three strong real real estate brokers experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly of their profession.

In last night's penultimate program, "Big Listings, Big Losses" Madison faced true sadness from a very personal and tough loss, at the same time as he was stymied on the business side.

Madison can't catch a break. A regular client is very displeased about Hildebrand's inability to find an investment property for him to flip and is threatening to pull his business.

The timing is poor. His pooch of almost 15 years passed on and Madison struggled to cope. As we have learned, the Hildebrand family is a tight bunch and after a very tough day the Malibu property specialist came home to small gifts from his mother.

His thank you call to mom is how we learn about Rex's passing. Madison informs the audience that he is feeling the unconditional support and constant presence of Rex. To him, Rex was a family member and that is how the loss was teased in the trailer from last week.

Hildebrand posted the news on Facebook and Heather is seen tearing up as she reads it. Boyfriend and Madison antagonist Josh Altman is a bit surprised about her emotional reaction.

In the teaser scenes from next week's season finale, Heather is seen arriving at the beach memorial service for Rex, stunning Madison into silence for a brief moment. Could a reconciliation be in the air?

Hard to believe after what they've been through and the nastiness they displayed to each other.

Josh Altman scores big in Beverly Hills. As if we hadn't seen Altman be big, bold and over-the-top before, last night's maneuver might just be his best sell job of the season.

At a sales listing meeting with a property owner in Beverly Hills he learns that the woman has a second home she is ready to unload.

His eyes got wide as he did the math on the commission possibilities and despite the seller's reluctance to list both at the same time, Altman puts the full court press on her in that way he has.

The homes are situated close to each other and despite the fear that they would compete for buyers, they are significantly different in style and design. They are priced as such and to make it convenient for brokers to view, they are the subject of a joint open house event.

But Altman is about to close a more important deal and much closer to home. Teaser scenes from next week's show siggest that he is about to "put a ring on it" with Heather.

Josh Flagg is scolded by his grandmother.
We haven't seen the wise and unintentionally humorous Edith in quite a while. She arrived just in time to put the wood to her grandson about his reluctance to take a listing near San Diego.

Whining like many Southern Californians about the traffic, Flagg was reluctant to take on the assignment in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Edith informed d him that to keep the money flowing he had to work, work, work.

To counter the argument that it was too far to drive on a regular basis, Edith reminded him that he had a luxury car and it was time to put gas in it and drive it down the freeway. There would be no excuse in her mind and he better hop to it.

He did, but the assignment looks to be a nightmare. Friends of his parents want to sell an expensive property that isn't worth what the seller put into it. As usual Flagg stages a great photo shoot with luxury cars draped around the driveway and a spectacular broker's open house.

Nothing helps get offers near the price the seller seems stuck on. Could Flagg and Madison Hildebrand be losing clients at the same time? Stay tuned.

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Submitted by Karma (not verified) on
As stated by Altman narration, Heather saw the info about Rex's passing on facebook. She was writing an email to Madison in the scene to send her condolences. I seriously hope Altman is NOT proposing marriage to Heather. I hope he's just going to ask her to work in his firm. I love Judith Flagg. That old lady is a riot! Loved her comments about him not having energy for the long drive, "At your age? Drink some coffee".

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Heather should talk to Madison about what REALLY happened with the listing of the apartment that created doubt in Madison, Instead she listens to the ever-self-toting, irritating and totally DISLIKED Josh Altman. And what does she think - throwing wine on Madison!!!! Childish like Altman and IMMATURE like altman! As someone has already said - Altman is 2-faced and will dump her. His temper alone is enough to hesitate to be with him. But let Heather find out for herself. One does not sell real estate and make money by bad-mouthing others which is what Josh A does. He treats Josh B as garbage. And now he is SO UNPROFESSIONAL edging Heather to make a circus with Madison at a Broker's open that was not even theirs! Shame on Heather to lsten to WHATEVER Josh A tells her to do. Use your pea-brain Heather and STOP being a slave to UGLY, UNPROFESSIONAL, Altman. What - you think from between your legs too? I thought only Altman did!

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