NBA prospect Jeremy Hazell shot in Harlem

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Jeremy Hazell, Seton Hall University basketball standout was shot outside his home on Sunday.

Hazell, 24 has been sidelined since he broke his wrist in a game November 19 and was sitting out what was expected to be a four to six week time frame.

Jeremy returned to school to play his senior rather than enter the 2010 NBA draft. In the three games he played for Seton Hall prior to his injury, he was the team's top scorer in one and averaged 24 points overall.

The New York Post reported that Hazell was standing outside his home in Harlem with a few other people in and around 3:00 am ET on Sunday morning. There was a disagreement that became violent.

Hazell was shot in the lower back and was treated at St. Luke's Hospital in Manhattan. He was released shortly thereafter and remained secluded in his home, not available for media questions.

Seton Hall's team spokesman said the coaching staff was made aware of the shooting after a Sunday afternoon 69-61 loss to Richmond. It has been difficult to generate the same amount of offense since Hazell's absence.

The team is hopeful that the bullet wound won't extend Hazell's time off the court.

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