'Necessary Roughness' Dani and Matt are a couple in crisis

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Dani and Matt broke up, but last night they were drawn back together as Necessary Roughness delved into learning about the present by dealing with the past.

On USA's latest episode of Necessary Roughness, "A Load of Bull" Dani and Matt pretended that their breakup could be managed at the office with professionalism. It was only one story line centered on holding back to protect one's emotional well being.

Ray J had his tutor/girlfriend Ashley dump him and he tried to tough it out until he couldn't manage it any longer. The medical case of the week brought us a professional bull rider who had never let go of the past and Terence King kept refusing to "go there" with a national sports reporter who wanted to get the scoop on TK's near death experience.

The answer to each situation was to allow the feelings to flow, understanding that it will hurt or be frightening but ultimately will help make the future a better one.

TK's good and bad side.

T.K. acted selflessly at the conclusion of his story, by offering himself as a sacrifice to the reporter as long as she stayed away from Razor and the lies of his past.

In the process of his decision we learn that Terence King fibbed about a sexual harassment situation with the reporter. It gave her the ammunition to face down Nico and Matt about revealing Razor's problem or forcing TK into the interview chair.

Nico doesn't like to be lied to and it remains to be seen if he decides to keep the secret for his star wide receiver from the new General Manager who happens to be a straight-arrow.

Dani and Matt face facts.

As Dani got jealous of the attention the reporter gave to Matt, she had a difficult time convincing her BFF or herself that she could manage to ignore the broken heart she tried to hide.

Jeannette kept offering a shoulder to cry on and encouraged her to tell the kids about it, to allow her to process the situation. When RayJ needed advice to deal with the crushing he got from Ashley, Dani finally got the courage to share her own story with him.

Matt was the first to break down and express his feelings, but unfortunately for Dani they were anger. He was just good and pissed off about how he had fallen for a woman who let it all slip through her fingers.

Dani went next and after Matt's apology, the two admit they miss each other, with Matt surprised that he could be hurt as much as he is. A big smooch later and Dani had a sleepover companion. Will she regret it?

Nico is lurking.

Nico's scenes were extremely limited in "A Load of Bull" but in sneak peek video of next week's show, it sure looks like Nico and Dani are edging closer to each other. With only three episodes left in the season you know a decision about Matt vs. Nico is in the offing.

Whose team are you on? Nico or Matt. For more Nico, click over the The Nico Files to spend a few quality minutes with the man of mystery.

Necessary Roughness airs new episodes Wednesday nights at 10:000 on USA Network. Image: Wikipedia

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