Necessary Roughness, Dani-Nico sizzle in winter premiere

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Necessary Roughness gets its winter season going Wednesday night on USA. Marshall Pittman's daughter is trouble, while Dani and Nico are sizzling.

The plot lines begin again Wednesday on USA as the first winter mini-season of Necessary Roughness hits the air.

Update: review of the winter premiere "Frozen Fish Sticks" with steamy video clip of next week.

Dani and Nico

What's a girl to do after a kiss from someone she's hot for but isn't sure is right for her?

Dr. Dani Santino tried to avoid Nico to no avail. He finds her to ask why she's been invisible.

Unfortunately, ex-boyfriend Matt arrives just as the discussion was getting good and that's the point.

How will Dr. Santino manage the problem of losing the man she loved (Matt) with the dangerous attraction to Nico right in front of her? Are you Team Nico or Matt?

Check out the video clip of the awkward conversation, which leads to new problems for the N.Y. Hawks.

The Hawks have their "own Paris Hilton"

As the Hawks' GM says to Nico and Matt, who cares if young Miss. Pittman wants to sell the team.

If the Hawks are winning and the fans are engaged, more turmoil and changes are unwanted and need to be avoided.

Nico is given instructions to make this all go away and Matt warns the young woman is more than a handful --- she's trouble.

The problem with that approach is that deceased owner Marshall Pittman's little girl likes to get drunk and pass out.

TK returns and expects to start....of course

Out of rehab and ready to get back on the field, mercurial Terence King is presented with yet another pretender to his throne.

Who is this guy who thinks he's the starting wide receiver on the N.Y. Hawks? TK and viewers will want to know.

He's the guy that replaced TK during his drug rehab stint and who believes he's earned the starting role, TK or no TK.

Uh, oh. Here we go again.

USA will air new episodes of Necessary Roughness Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT Image: USA Network

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