'Necessary Roughness' no new episode but sneak peek video

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Fans of USA's Necessary Roughness will have to hang on for another week to find out if Dani and Matt are back together and if Terence King's drug dependency goes public.

When we last left our major plot lines on Necessary Roughness, Dani Santino and Matt Donnally were sharing her bed again and T.K. had just done something nice for a fellow player.

Rather than expose rookie wide receiver Razor to the media storm that will inevitably come when his confusing school history story comes to light, T.K. decided to do something he had put off.

He gave a one-on-one interview with a nationally known reporter and spoke in detail about his shooting, near death experience and his climb back to the N.Y. Hawks.

Of course nothing with T.K. is easy or uncomplicated and when that happens Nico is usually involved. Read: Dani and Matt are a couple in crisis

That was the case as the Hawk's man of mystery and security chief finds security camera footage of King exposing himself to that same reporter during a talk in the team's locker room. T.K. had denied it but the camera never lies.

It is Nico's job to keep the lid on the reporter's threat to go public with her sexual harassment claim while making the player know he was being a jerk. Just another day at the office for Nico Careles

In the meantime, Dani and Matt were having difficulty managing their professional relationship in the office after their sad breakup. As last week's episode ended, Matt and Dani had made up nicely and were in bed for some makeup physical play.

Nonetheless, in the video released by USA Network, it appears that the relationship might not be back on track, at least on a permanent basis.

Dani and Matt, who is the team's assistant general manager are at odds over what to do about T.K.'s continued use of pain meds. On one hand there is the bad publicity and a potential league mandated leave of absence if it goes public.

On the other hand as Dani says in the sneak peek video, posted on the show's Facebook page "I'm talking about a man's life," as she pushed back at Matt who is most concerned about King's career.

What about Nico? Oh, don't worry, we get another tease of Nico and Dani edging closer to each other and maybe a kiss. There are Team Matt fans and Team Nico fans.
If you are not convinced that Matt is fine and dandy without babies of his own, then Team Nico might be for you.

If you are a hopeless romantic and think that maybe Dani will relent on the baby front, then Team Matt is your choice for sure. Which is it for you? Don't forget about the Nico Files. If you haven't seen the short videos that explore the details of Nico's life, click over now.

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