Necessary Roughness teasing Dani-Nico has to end

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Dani and Nico appeared in dream sequences during Necessary Roughness' episode "Hits and Myths". Is this couple going to happen anytime soon?

Dr. Dani Santino is dreaming and working through emotional issues with her own therapist. Some are straight out of the movies.

There was the one from "Gone With the Wind" in which Dani plays Scarlett and Matt plays Rhett, telling her, "I don't give a damn."

The scene from "The Graduate" with Dani as Mrs. Robinson and Nico in the role of Benjamin asking whether he is being seduced, could not have been hotter.

Dani insists that her sex dreams are not really about sex, and that Nico or Matt's appearances merely represent other things or people she is using to find her way through her troubles.

Then there is the dream in which Matt tries to get Dani's attention away from a beckoning Nico.

One thing is certain. Fans of the USA drama are happy to believe Dani's fantasies are fabulous and want them to lead somewhere....and now. Team Nico is getting a bit concerned.

Dani has already told her shrink that she is torn between the two. Nico she fears giving into and Matt she believes is no longer an option.

What's a girl to do?

The official shrink to the N.Y. Hawks has completed all unfinished tasks that had blocked her ability to move forward, except for this one.

It's not nice to tease loyal fans who need to believe this is going somewhere.

When Matt, who is absolutely tortured over concern that Dani and Nico are an item, finally asked outright if something was going on, fans got the ultimate let down at the episode's conclusion.

Nico tells him, "Nothing's going on Donnally with Dani and me." Please say that isn't true, please?

Patient story of the week.

We get to see Dr. Santino return to her twenty-something rock fan days as she treated the duo from Von Dozer. A reunion tour is in danger of breaking up over unresolved conflict issues between the men. Get it out in the open and deal with it was the advice. The rocky road to clarity included a drunken fall off a building roof for the most troubled of the rockers. Bonus: watching Dr. Dani rock out in her kitchen to the deafening sounds of Von Dozer, only to be caught by son RayJ. Check out the video posted below.

Work story of the week.

TK's struggle to remain sober was tested by Juliette Pittman, new owner and petulant child of the deceased former owner. She is trying to get Terrence King to return to his bad boy ways to pump up the business. Although she fails to do so, TK loses his temper and pops his wide receiver competition in the locker room, getting slammed for it by Matt. The whining began about how hard it is to show people he's changed, when he is misunderstood.

Where is this five-episode winter mini-season going? Where do we want it to go. Please chime in about Nico's chances of winning Dani's heart. The comment section is open and waiting.

USA airs new episodes of Necessary Roughness on Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET Image: USA/Necessary Roughness

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