Necessary Roughness - a winter fix for fans starts January 23

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The USA hit drama returns for a mini-winter season of five fresh episodes. Will Nico and Dani be a couple or will the usual frenetic business of football interfere?

Necessary Roughness is ready to give fans some relief from the long winter without their favorite show.

Five episodes that start on Wednesday January 23 are ready to air and two trailers with sneak peeks give us a taste of what is to come.

The N.Y Hawks in crisis

The team's owner perished in a tragic accident as the summer season concluded. More turmoil ensues as his family puts the team up for sale.

Mark Cuban, real life billionaire and owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks makes an appearance as one potential suitor.

Dr. Dani counsels a player and the Hawks about his wish to come out as a gay man.

As word leaks, the guessing game begins. Who is it and should the team welcome this development?

Dani and Nico/Dani and Matt

When we left this trio, Matt was moving on in his personal life and moving upward in his profession.

He pulled off an important move demanded of him by the Hawks general manager and Matt got the "interim" label taken off the assistant GM job title.

Dani and Nico finally got down to business in a tender scene outside her home.

Nico was devastated after learning of owner Marshall Pittman's passing. Dani was just digesting the news along with learning that prior to his death, Pittman had freed her from a huge debt to the IRS.

In the trailer posted below, we get teased scenes of Nico and Dani that look promising but with this never know.

Dr. Santino's family crisis

Just as the Nico action began to heat up, Dani was about to learn that her teenage son AJ was in a whole heap of trouble.

He had uprooted the marijuana plant he had agreed to grow for his friend, but in transporting it out of his yard he got stopped by the police for driving with a broken tail light.

The plant was easy to discover. He chose to call his father rather than his mother when he realized he was caught dead to rights. Does this set up a problem with a child custody situation between Dani and her troublesome ex?

On the Terence King front, the diva wide receiver got a dose of reality when a drub rehab partner overdosed. T.K sober? How interesting will that be?

Watch the new episodes of Necessary Roughness on USA starting Wednesday Jan. 23, 2013 at 10:00 p.m. ET. Image: USA/Necessary Roughness

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